The Fall 2017 Cohort of Sociology Graduate Students

Graduate Student Community

Graduate Students have a very strong community of their own that provides a network of social support (e.g., including bowling nights and dessert Tuesdays, study groups, and lots of informal advice giving) and intellectual support (e.g., coauthoring journal articles together, giving statistical advice, reading each otherís work).

The Sociology Graduate Organization (SGO) is quite active in planning both social and academic events (e.g., forums where students present papers in progress).

Contact the current President of SGO, Elle Rochford,, to find out more about SGO, grad. student activities, etc. 

Elle can also put you in touch with other graduate students who can answer your questions about what it is like to be a grad. student at Purdue.

As of the Fall 2017 semester there are 41 sociology graduate students currently in residence at Purdue.

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