A Strong Department with Great Faculty

The faculty pictured on this page are just a few of the 24 outstanding faculty currently in the Sociology Department. 

Our faculty are active contributors to sociological knowledge.  In national comparisons with other sociology departments, Purdue Sociology ranks very highly in terms of publications, external grants, and citations to the articles and books written by our faculty.

Two ASA journals (the Journal of Health and Social Behavior and Sociology of Education) and a third journal (Review of Religion and Chinese Society) are now based in our department.

Our faculty are very successful in obtaining external research grants, grants that also employ graduate student research assistants with whom they work closely and with whom they coauthor.

A small student-faculty ratio makes it easier for graduate students to work closely with faculty members in their research, teaching, and publication activities. Why would this matter to you?  It serves as a form of apprenticeship that helps students learn how to be a researcher, writer, and teacher.

To find out more about individual faculty members, go to the Department web site faculty directory page

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