Can I Visit the Campus?

Before committing to a graduate program, many prospective students want to visit the campus, meet faculty and students, and get a feel for the surrounding city and environs.

Students who want to visit the campus before the application deadline are free to do so, but let us know when you are coming so we can make sure that the people you want to talk to will be available. Contact the Graduate Secretary Nicole Remley,, if you want to visit.  If you only want some questions answered, and you don't need to make a visit, contact either Nicole or me, Dan Olson,, the Director of Graduate Studies for Sociology.

The Sociology Department also organizes a recruitment weekend (after the application deadline) in which we invite our top applicants for a three-day (two nights)  visit to our campus and department (at our expense). This is a fun but intensive experience that exposes you to many facets of what life would be like as a graduate student in sociology at Purdue. It also allows you to meet many faculty, current students, and the other prospective graduates students who might be joining you in the fall if you if you choose to join us at Purdue.

This year the tentative plan is that the recruitment weekend will be in mid-February, date to be decided.  We plan to do Skype interviews with top applicants who are international students who are unable to attend the recruitment weekend.

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