Daniel V. A. Olson    

Professor of Sociology
Director of Graduate Studies
Dept. of Sociology, Stone Hall
Purdue University
700 W. State Street
West Lafayette, Indiana 47907-2059
dolson@purdue.edu   E-mail is often the best way to reach me.  I check it regularly.

Office: Stone Hall 338


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Full Vita Online as of March 3, 2017  

All of my articles and book chapters are available online by request from a special web page -- contact me for the web address dolson@purdue.edu

More Recent Papers -- contact me for copies  -- see above

Jung, Jong Hyun* and Daniel V. A. Olson. 2017.“Where Does Religion Matter Most? A Multinational Analysis of Religion and the Acceptability of Wife Beating.” Sociological Inquiry. DOI: 10.1111/soin.12164

Nie, Fanhao* and Daniel V. A. Olson. 2016. “Demonic Influence:  Exploring the Relationship between a Belief in Demons and Change in Mental Health.”  Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion. 55: 498-515.

Olson, Daniel V. A. and Miao Li. 2015. "How Does the Religious Composition of Nations Affect Generalized Social Trust? Moral Community and Religious Heterogeneity." Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion. 54:756–773.

Jung, Jong Hyun and Daniel V. A. Olson. 2014. “Religion, Stress, and Suicide Acceptability in South Korea”
Social Forces 92(3): 1039-1059. 

Alper, Becka and Daniel V. A. Olson. 2013. “Religious Population Share and Religious Identity Salience: Is Jewish Identity More Important to Jews in High Jewish Population Share Areas?” Sociology of Religion  74:82-106.

Thomas, Jeremy N. and Daniel V. A. Olson. 2012. “Evangelical Elites’ Changing Responses to Homosexuality 1960-2009.” Sociology of Religion. 73:239-272.

Thomas, Jeremy N. and Daniel V. A. Olson. 2012. “Beyond the Culture War: Managing Sexual Relationships Inside a Congregation of Gay Evangelicals.”  Review of Religious Research. 54:349–70.

Alper, Becka and Daniel V. A. Olson.  2011. “Religious Geography and the Case of the Jewish Outsider.”  Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion.  50:822–830.

Older Papers Online

Olson and Perl. 2011. A Friend in Creed: Does the Religious Composition of Geographic Areas Affect the Religious Composition of a Person's Close Friends? JSSR

Thomas and Olson. 2010. Testing the Strictness Thesis and Competing Theories of Congregational Growth JSSR

Hill and Olson. 2009. Market Share and Religious Competition: Do Small Market Share Congregations and Their Leaders Try Harder? JSSR

Olson 2008. RRA Presidential Address Why Do Small Religious Groups Have More Committed Members? RRR

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