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I grew up in the small town of Wytheville, located in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains of southwestern Virginia.  After earning my B.A. at the College of William and Mary (1993), I completed a Ph.D. in linguistics at the University of Chicago (1999), under the direction of Salikoko S. Mufwene (chair), Amy Dahlstrom, James D. McCawley, and Jerrold M. Sadock.  My first faculty position was in the Department of English at the University of Hong Kong (1999-2002). Since 2003, I have been a faculty member in the Department of English and the Linguistics Program here at Purdue University, where I teach undergraduate and graduate courses in syntax, semantics, English grammar, and introductory linguistics.


I am currently the Director of the English Language and Linguistics graduate program and of the new undergraduate concentration in English Language in a Global Context at Purdue. As of January 2017, I am a General Editor of the journal Language and Cognition.

Research Interests and Goals

My research deals with syntax and its interfaces with semantics, discourse information structure, and language processing in production and comprehension.  Some of my goals are:

           to identify the various factors that contribute to the realization of grammatical alternations in language use

           to explore the hypothesis that processing pressures in production and comprehension contribute to the development of grammatical conventions

           to investigate the nature of grammatical knowledge


My students and I make use of a variety of experimental and corpus-based methods here at Purdue, where I direct the Experimental Linguistics Lab.



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Mufwene, Salikoko S., Elaine J. Francis, and Rebecca S. Wheeler, eds. 2005. Polymorphous Linguistics: Jim McCawley’s Legacy. Cambridge: MIT Press.

Description: Description: Description: http://web.ics.purdue.edu/~ejfranci/mccawley2.jpg



Polymorphous Linguistics: Jim McCawley’s Legacy

Linguist List review by Sanford B. Steever, Nov. 2005


Francis, Elaine J. and Laura A. Michaelis, eds. 2003. Mismatch: Form-Function Incongruity and the Architecture of Grammar. Stanford: CSLI Publications.

   Description: Description: Description: http://web.ics.purdue.edu/~ejfranci/cover2.bmp



Mismatch: Form-Function Incongruity and the Architecture of Grammar


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Research Grants

·         Co-investigator, ““Effects of typical age-related cognitive decline on an everyday dual task,” Purdue University Research Incentive Grant, 2008-present, Principal Investigator, Jessica Huber.

·         Co-investigator, “Parsing principles and constituent order in Cantonese” Research Grants Council of Hong Kong, Competitive Earmarked Research Grant, 2004-2006, Principal Investigator, Stephen Matthews.

·         Co-investigator, “Parsing principles and constituent order in Cantonese: a corpus-based study” University of Hong Kong CRCG, Small Project Funding, 2003-2004, Principal Investigator, Stephen Matthews.

·         Principal Investigator, “Linguistic mismatch: scope and theory” University of Hong Kong CRCG, Low Budget High Impact Grant, 2001-2002.

·         Principal Investigator, “Lexical and contextual effects on the grammar of syntactic categories” University of Hong Kong CRCG, Research Initiation Grant, 2000-2002.

Current and Past Collaborations

·         Jessica Huber, Lisa Goffman, and Jeff Haddad, Purdue University – effects of syntactic complexity and working memory limitations on language production and balance in older adults and adults with Parkinson’s disease (in progress)

·         Stephen Matthews, University of Hong Kong – syntactic categories, serial verbs, and relative clauses in Cantonese (Francis and Matthews 2005, 2006); effects of grammatical weight on sentence processing of Cantonese (in progress)

·         Laura A. Michaelis, University of Colorado at Boulder – edited book on mismatch (Francis and Michaelis 2003); discourse and other factors influencing extraposition from NP in English (in progress)

·         Salikoko S. Mufwene, University of Chicago, and Rebecca S. Wheeler, Christopher Newport University – edited book on Jim McCawley’s legacy (Mufwene, Francis, and Wheeler 2005)

·         Etsuyo Yuasa, The Ohio State University – category mismatch and grammaticalization in English, Chinese, and Japanese (Francis and Yuasa 2008; Yuasa and Francis 2003)


2014-2015 Courses

  • ENGL 328 / LING 321 English Language II: Structure and Meaning (Fall and Spring)
  • ENGL 627S / LING 629 Experimental Syntax (Fall)


Previous Courses at Purdue

  • ENGL 227 / LING 201 Elements of Linguistics (Spring)
  • ENGL 502G Practicum in Teaching College Linguistics
  • ENGL 506 / LING 500 Introduction to English and General Linguistics (Fall)
  • ENGL 511 / LING 531  Semantics I
  • ENGL 512 / LING 521 Syntax I
  • ENGL 627S / LING 522 Syntax II


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·        Alex and the kids at Rocky Mountain National Park

  • Links to family members’ home pages: Alex, Theo, George, Bettina
  • Besides linguistics, I enjoy playing softball and soccer, playing the piano (with headphones so nobody else has to listen), and spending time with my husband, two sons, and two dogs.



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