Evgenia (Eugenia) - Maria Kontopoulou

Computer Science Department
Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN

My name is Evgenia (or Eugenia) and I am a second year PhD student at Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana. As you may understand from my name I am Greek. I was born and grew up in Kalamata, a city located at the southern part of the Greek mainland. Some people say that Kalamata (you may also know Kalamata from its olives) is a heaven on earth, so I feel lucky growing up in a paradise! In 2006, I moved to Patras, a beautiful (not like Kalamata though) city located at the midwestern Greek mainland. There, I studied at the Department of Computer Engineering and Informatics at University of Patras in Greece, where I obtained my Bachelor and Master in Computer Engineering. My advisor Professor Efstratios Gallopoulos gave me the opportunity to get into research from my senior undergraduate years. Having acquired some great experiences, I continue my studies at Purdue University as a PhD student under the supervision of Professor Petros Drineas. My research concentrates, (but it is not limited) on Randomized Numerical Linear Algebra (RandNLA) applied on Information Retrieval. I am passionate with the idea of using Statistics, mixed with Numerical Linear Algebra techniques in order to handle Big Data. Feel free to have a look at my CV for more information about me and my work

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