HONR 399 The Wonders of Venice

Venice is made up of a number of islands and we will be exploring all of them over the course of the semester.  Our main locations, indicated above, will be: the island of San Servolo (just off the map to the south), where students will live, eat, and take HONR 399; the island of San’ Elena, where students will be taking introductory Italian at the Istituto Dante Alighieri; and Ca’ Foscari Library, where students will have access to all books ever written about Venice.  Other things indicated on the map that help to situate our main haunts are: Piazza San Marco (the tourist center of Venice); the Rialto Bridge (the second biggest tourist spot of Venice, located at the midpoint of the Grand Canal), Ponte della Libertà, the bridge that provides the only car access to the main islands of Venice (only to the westernmost part of the main islands); and Piazzale Roma, where the #5 bus from the airport takes you after arriving. 

Map of Venice

Ca’ Foscari Library

Piazza San Marco

San Servolo

Istituto Dante Alighieri

Venice Train Station

Piazzale Roma

Ponte della Libertà

Rialto Bridge