Welcome to the Winter 2013 Newsletter

In this issue:

  • The winter newsletter brings NAVSA elections! This year, vote in four Advisory Board categories (Canadian, American, History, and Graduate Student) and in one Executive Council category, Executive Secretary. [More]
  • The winners of the Donald Gray and Graduate Student prizes are announced in this issue. [More]
  • The winter 2013 issue of Victorian Studies (55.2) will be a special issue devoted to papers and responses from last year's NAVSA conference. The issue will be available on Project Muse and in members' mailboxes in June.[More]
  • A summary of the tenth annual conference in Madison, WI, is also included in this issue. [More]
  • Although the biannual newsletter continues to be the organization's main way of communicating with members, there is also a Facebook page, a blog of CFPs and announcements that will be updated throughout the year, and a Twitter feed.