Practice and Beginner Information


Practice begins with footwork led by Coach Guariniello and expert club members. After group footwork, the practice is divided into groups by weapon. Practices are a combination of drills, occasional private lessons, and free fencing.

Practice Times

Fall 2017

6:30-9:30 PM Tuesday
6:30-9:30 PM Thurdsay
12:00-2:00 PM Sunday
Location: CoRec, Multi-Purpose Room 5 (MP5)


Honorary Head Coach Mark Smith
Coach Smith, foil coach and head coach until Spring 2017. He is a two time USA Olympian (1980, 1984) and National Champion in foil and served as Dean of Purdue's graduate school.

Team Coach Cesare Guariniello
Primary a foilist, Cesare Guariniello learned fencing in Purdue, where he has been part of PFC since 2011. As a student, he has been member of the Men's Foil squad. After earning his PhD in 2016, he combined his employment in Purdue AAE with a position of assistant coach.


Purdue Fencing offers a 8 week beginner's class taught by experienced club members. This class is open to all Purdue students and faculty, and meets once a week. The first two weeks are free, so bring a friend! No experience or equipment necessary.

What: 8 week beginners fencing course

Where to be: Purdue Co-Rec Multi-Purpose Room 5 (MP5).

When to be there: Tuesday 6:30 PM - 8 PM, starting September 12th, 2016.

What to wear: Comfortable/athletic shoes and pants. Athletic cups for men.

What to bring: Water

Cost: First two lessons free. After that, 40$ to complete the beginner's class.
Club dues INCLUDING the beginner's class: 150$/year, or $125/year if you own two personal blades and two body chords. The cost covers the use of Club equipment and gear.

Why fencing? Fencing is a great sport that allows you to combine mental and physical abilities in an unique way. In addition to introducing you to a variety of fellow students of all majors, fencing offers frequent opportunities on the local and national level. Several of our competitive members started fencing at Purdue and participated in the beginners class just like you!

How the class works. This eight week course will start out with simple footwork, a basic to good fencing. Foil is the first weapon that will be taught. Towards the end of the course, beginners will get to try each of the other two weapons (sabre and epee). After the eight week course, beginners who are interested in continuing will join the normal team practices and begin to learn more about their specific weapon and practice with more experienced fencers.

The three weapons. Want to learn a little more about the basics of fencing? There are three weapons: Foil, Epee, and Sabre.

Foil is a point weapon. Points can only be scored by the tip of the weapon against the torso of the opponent.

Epee is a point weapon as well. Points can be scored anywhere on the body including hands and feet.

Sabre is a slashing weapon. Points can be scored by any part of the blade on the upper body of the opponent.

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