Welcome to the Cognition, Hearing and Training (CHAT) Lab

Research in the CHAT lab focuses on the role of cognitive factors and linguistic experience in speech perception.Current studies include

1)      An investigation of the effects of native language and second language experience on listenersí attention to acoustic cues in Spanish and English.

2)      A study of Mandarin Chinese and English speakersí relative weighting of vocalic, consonantal, and tonal information in Chinese and English.

3)      Studies of the effects of cognitive and auditory aging on the perception of acoustic cues in English.


The CHAT lab uses two rooms in Pierce Hall on the Purdue University Campus (183 & 184) for data collection and analysis. The testing room is currently set to test or train up to four participants simultaneously, using Dell Dimension Windows XP workstations equipped with MATLAB and E-Prime experiment control software, a Cedrus RB-620 millisecond-accurate response box and Sennheiser HD-25 headphones. Some research is also conducted in the audiology clinics at Purdue University.Stimulus generation, manipulation and analysis is done using Praat or MATLAB. We also have professional quality recording equipment with access to the Audiology Clinic sound booths for recording, and we receive support from an excellent electronics shop. Through collaborations with colleagues in Health Sciences and Biomedical Engineering we also have the potential to conduct research using a variety of MR imaging methods, including fMRI and MR spectroscopy.

Current Students


Fernando Llanos

Mengxi Lin

Christie Law



Leigh Anderson (on leave)

Anny Alvar

Audrey Bengert



Wei ďGraceĒ Zhang, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, University of Akron

Natalya Kaganovich, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Purdue University

Yanhong Zhang, Ph.D., Research Associate, University of Pennsylvania

Maria Kondaurova, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow, IU School of Medicine



Courtney Driscoll, M.S. SLP, Practicing SLP in DeWitt, IA.

Amanda A. Shultz, M.A., Consultant at Gap International



Katie Connell

Kelsie Johnson

Kelly Rich

Caitlin Rinehart



Rachel Chapman, B.A., Purdue University

Katie Connell, B.A., Purdue University, Audiology

Gernise Dixon, B.A., Governorís State University, Speech-Language Pathology

Martine Fenstermacher, B.A., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Audiology

Alex Gretch, B.A., Loyola University, Speech-Language Pathology

Erica Hartland, B.A., University of Pittsburgh, Speech-Language Pathology

Lucinda Kerr, B.A., Purdue University

Eric Komenda, Purdue University

Taylor Mallon, Purdue University

Michelle Morgan, B.A., University of North Carolina-Greensboro

Amber Page, B.A., Purdue University, Speech-Language Pathology

Diana True, B.A., Purdue University, Audiology

Danielle Yu, B.A., Purdue University, Speech-Language Pathology


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