AD61600 Robots, Art and Culture
Prof. Fabian Winkler

The history of robots has always been closely connected not only to technological but also cultural and social issues. From early Renaissance automatons to contemporary entertainment, industry and military robots, the field of robotics is developing rapidly, and robots gain an important role in everyday life. This course critically investigates the creative and artistic potential of robot technologies (sensors, actuators, microcontrollers, mechanical locomotion) and looks at existing robots as important reflections of our own culture.

Robots and Culture is an experimental and interdisciplinary graduate class. It focuses on three areas: 1) technical workshops exploring basic electronics and programming; 2) the presentation and discussion of key texts relevant to robotic art and robot culture and 3) the creation of individual artworks (which can include basic electronic components and inexpensive microcontrollers, robot platform such as the iRobot Create, electronically generated sound, motor control, locomotion strategies and communication between electronic modules).

Course Number: AD61600
Professor: Fabian Winkler
Tuesdays, 7:00-9:50pm

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