Fabian Winkler

GRRR! is an inflatable sculpture inspired by speech balloons used in comic strips. It invites people to interact with it directly, often for the purpose of taking a picture.

Placed on, next to or in front of a building, the speech bubble suggests an open urban narrative, similar to a frame in a cartoon strip.

The sculpture's shape and font are deliberately pixelated to reflect the way such a large-scale sculpture is visually inserted into an urban environment. Similar to a digital montage on the computer screen, GRRR! is pasted into well-known Pittsburgh locations changing the way we look at and relate to these space - the pixels become tangible and call for interaction.

GRRR! was generously supported by the Sprout Fund's public art program in conjunction with Pittsburgh Roars. It premiered at Carnegie Museum of Art's Fierce Friends: Artists and Animals, 1750 to 1900 exhibition and will be shown in different locations in the city of Pittsburgh from April to December 2006.

  • Fierce Friends: Artists and Animals, 1750 to 1900, Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, and Pittsburgh Roars, Apr. - Dec. 2006