How to Look at Pop-Art
Fabian Winkler

How to Look at Pop-Art is a robotic video recorded in realtime by a miniature camera mounted on the cartridge of an ink-jet printer. The video shows the computer printing process of Roy Lichtenstein's screen print The Melody Haunts my Reverie - from the perspective of the rhythmically moving printing head.
The audio-visual and temporal structure of the video emerges in the printing process. How to Look at Pop-Art presents the audience with new ways of looking at Lichtenstein's well-known image. At the same time it references the mechanic production techniques of pop-art works on many levels.

"How to Look at Pop-Art" is a linear video of 2:29 minutes length. It was the initial inspiration for the work database, which I realized in collaboration with Adriana de Souza e Silva in 2002.

  • Schrägspur, International Student Video Festival, Obberstdorf, Germany, October 2000.