We are Glenwood Cooperative, thirty-five, young women who make this house a home everyday. We're not just roommates - we're friends. We're sisters.

As college students were going through the biggest change of our lives. We're young. We're having fun. We're transitioning into the women of the future, and Glenwood is helping mold us. Living with a large number of girls helps our communication skills, enhances our social skills, and is just plain fun! At the same time we're learning how to hold leadership positions, maintain a home, and concentrate on our studies.

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The Cooperative System is a rich tradition at Purdue dating back to the 1930's. The houses still operate on the same principles as they did over 70 years ago! Cooperative housing has a strong sense of community while offering the most affordable housing option at Purdue. Members are in charge of decision making and participating in daily operations, including cooking, routine cleaning and maintenance. Glenwood was founded in 1939 by Glenora McFadden. The house was originally located where the Grant Street parking garage currently stands. It was relocated to 421 University St. until 1969 when Glenwood moved to its current location at 503 University Street.



Glenwood has the ideal location on the corner of 5th and University Street in the heart of campus. It's perfect for walking to classes and basically anywhere at Purdue. But Glenwood is more than just a place to live -- it's a home!

Frequently asked quesitons...

Q: "How is Glenwood different than a sorority?"

A: The cooperative system is separate from the Greek system, but in many ways the life style is the same. We live in a large house with many girls, have functions and concentrate on academics. The differences? We have 30 some girls compared to many sororities that have 80+ members. Glenwood is unique to Purdue. Unlike sororities, you won't find a chapter on any other campus, and we don't pay dues to a national organization. Both are great options, but obviously, we're a little biased. We love the intimate feeling of a small house, the ability to really get to know every girl in the house, and control we have to govern ourselves the way we want.

Q: "How much time do you spend cooking and cleaning in a typical week? "

A: It's probably around 4 hours a weeks. Each girl is assigned a room or area to clean each month on Mondays and Thursdays. Sometimes girls can be done in 30 minutes. Others areas will take a full hour. Each girl is assigned two hours of kitchen duties a week either cooking or cleaning. No skills required. You'll pick it up pretty quickly. Ultimately, if you live in an apartment, you'll spend more time than that fixing food that's not as good or paying more for fast food. And if you have someone who cooks you're food and picks up after you, you'll pay for it. Sure, sometimes it's gets old, but the break away from school can be nice. Plus, our home-cooked food is really good!

Q: "Does a grown-up live in the house?"

A: Why, yes! Thirty-four of them!

We pride ourselves on being responsible, young women who can cook, clean, make grades, and maintain a sane living environment. But you probably meant somebody out of college. In that case, no, but we do have a House Dad who advises us on big decisions and acts as a representative.