Greetings and Welcome to Purdue University,

On behalf of the Graduate Student English Association (GradSEA) at Purdue, we’d like to congratulate you on your decision to attend Purdue and welcome you to the English Department. We hope that your transition into the Purdue community will be a smooth one and look forward to meeting you this fall.

GradSEA is the student-run deliberative body that promotes professional and academic development for students and advocates for the interests of its members. It elects representatives to serve on departmental, decision-making committees and organizes its own events. As a group, we provide an open forum, a collective voice, and access to resources for the graduate student body. For our elected representatives, GradSEA provides valuable administrative experience and further opportunities for professional growth.

Last year, GradSEA hosted several academic and social events such as the Prelim and Prospectus Forum, which engaged students and faculty in dialogue regarding preliminary examinations and prospectus-writing strategies, and the Fall Picnic, which brought together new and returning students before the school year began. GradSEA representatives participated in the construction of new exam guidelines, the drafting of instructor regulations, and the selection of speakers for the upcoming year. This year, our projects will include increasing graduate student participation in the department and addressing the availability of travel funds.

Every graduate student in the English Department is automatically a member of GradSEA, and our meetings are open to all. In August, we will be holding elections for several representative positions—including a representative for first year students—and hope you’ll consider becoming involved.

As you prepare for your move to the West Lafayette area, please contact us if you have questions about moving and planning. We’ll be glad to offer information and advice. You can also look around the GradSEA website for links to local resources for housing, childcare, city information, and more. Additionally, if you have program-specific questions, you can find and e-mail your program representative via the GradSEA website.

We look forward to seeing you at the Fall Picnic and around campus.

Your GradSEA Executive Officers,

Please check out the Purdue Graduate Student Government's PDF "Tips for Graduate Living 2010-2011" for more information on graduate student life at Purdue.

Last updated by Fernando Sánchez August 2013.