Purdue Gymnastics Officers 2016 - 2017

President: Johnathan Bensman (JD)

JD is a Senior from Bellefontaine, OH studying Aeronautical Engineering. Loading...

Vice President: Jenny Coy

Jenny is a Senior from Noblesville, IN and is studying Nursing. In her free time, Jenny serves at the Northview Church on the worship team.

Treasurer: Ryan Riley

Ryan is a Junior from Lisle, IL studying Unmanned Aerial Systems. Ryan is a huge baseball, White Sox fan, and a son-to-be plane pilot. Ryan is fairly fond is the dik-dik and plans on owning one in the future. Loading...

Fundraising Co-Chair: Justin Zyck

Justin is a Junior from Arlington Heights, IL and is studying Aerospace Engineering. Justin is the real fish stick.

Men's Team Captain and Fundraising Co-Chair: Nicholas Idso

Nick is a Sophomore from East Grand Forks, Minnesota studying (_____) Engineering. Nick has been doing gymnastics for sixteen years and he's only fifteen years old.

Girl's Team Captain: Daniela Antunez

Daniela is a Junior from Atlanta, GA and is studying Chemical Engineering.

Secretary: Lauren Lahey

Lauren is a Junior from Indianapolis, IN studying Speech and Hearing. Lauren likes casual yoga, hiking, and running. She also likes sweet potato fries. Lauren can FEEL numbers.

Community Service Chair: Cameran Giles

Cameran is a Sophomore form Frankfort, Illinois and is studying Law & Society and Forensic Science. The movie Inception was based off his life story, but he's actually Mal, not Leonardo DiCaprio. He haunts the visions of his exes as they walk through the dreams of world leaders.

Gabby Quintana: Safety Officer/Event Coordinator

Gabby is a Senior from San Francisco CA studying Public Health: Pre-Med. Gabby loves dogs and going to the beach; The real ocean kind of beach, not a Midwest lake beach.

Webmaster: Michael White

Michael is a Junior from Arlington Heights, IL and is studying Computer Engineering.