M. Huber                                        


(i) Professional Preparation

University of Chicago, Geophysics, Honors in the Major                           B.A.,  1990-1994

University of California Los Angeles, Atmospheric Sciences                     M.S., 1994-1997

University of California Santa Cruz, Earth Sciences                                  Ph.D., 1997-2001

(ii) Appointments

Associate Professor, EAS, Purdue University, 2007-present

Assistant Professor, EAS, Purdue University, 2002-2007

Assistant Research Professor, Niels Bohr Inst., University of Copenhagen, 2001-02

(iii) Honors, Awards and Distinctions

Winner, IBM Scholars Program for Linux Award ($40,000, Dec. 2004)

Research on Cretaceous-Tertiary impact (published in Geology) highlighted as one of the 100 top scientific discoveries of 2004 by Discover Magazine (Jan. 2005).

Research on hurricanes and climate highlighted as one of the top 100 scientific stories of 2007 by Discover Magazine (January 2008).

Fmr. Co-Chair of the NCAR CCSM Paleoclimate Working Group (2004-2006)

Current Associate Editor Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems

Fmr. Associate Editor of Paleoceanography (2003-2005)


Five related publications (*student paper)

Williams, I . N. , R. T. Pierrehumbert , and M. Huber, Global warming,convective threshold and false thermostats, Geophys. Res. Lett.,36, L21805, doi:10.1029/2009GL039849, 2009.

Sriver*, R. L., and M. Huber, Observational evidence for an ocean heat pump induced by tropical cyclones, Nature, 447, 577-580, doi:10.1038/nature05785, 2007.

Huber, M., A hotter Greenhouse? Science, 321, 353-354, doi: 10.1126/science.1161170, 2008.

van Hooidonk*, R., and M. Huber, Equivocal evidence for a thermostat and unusually low levels of coral bleaching in the Western Pacific Warm Pool, Geophys. Res. Lett., 36, L06705, doi:10.1029/2008GL036288, 2009.

van Hooidonk*, R., and M. Huber, Quantifying the quality of coral bleaching predictions, Coral Reefs, doi:10.1007/s00338-009-0502-z, 2009.

Five significant publications (*student paper)

Ali, J. and M. Huber, Madagascar’s biodiversity controlled by ocean currents as predicted by Simpson’s ‘sweepstakes hypothesis’, Nature, in press.

Eldrett, J. S., D. R. Greenwood, I. Harding, and M. Huber, Increased seasonality in the latest Eocene to earliest Oligocene in northern high latitudes, Nature, 459, doi:10.1038/nature08069, 969-973, 2009.

Sluijs, A., S. Schouten, M. Pagani, N. Pedentchouk, H. Brinkhuis, J. Sinninghe Damsté, G. R. Dickens, M. Huber, and 7 others, Subtropical Arctic Ocean conditions during the Palaeocene Eocene thermal maximum, Nature, 441, doi:10.1038/nature/04668, 610-613, 2006.

Pagani, M., N. Pedentchouk, M. Huber, and 7 others, Arctic hydrology during global warming at the Paleocene/Eocene thermal maximum, Nature, 442, doi:10.1038/nature05043, 671-675, 2006.

Huber, M., and R. Caballero, Eocene El Niño: Evidence for robust tropical dynamics in the "hothouse". Science,  299, 877-881, 2003.


I am an instructor every year at the Urbino Summer School in Paleoclimatology (http://www.uniurb.it/ussp/), in Italy with approximately 50 international graduate students.

I was guest editor for a special issue of Geochemistry, Geophysics, GeoSystems on tropical cyclone and climate interactions on across time scales (2008).

To broadly disseminate the results of my research I created an online Teragrid-enabled Data Portal to house climate model output and Doppler Radar Data. See https://gridsphere.rcac.purdue.edu:8443/gridsphere/gridsphere?cid=96&JavaScript=enabled .

To provide a means to entrain and educate the community in using the NCAR CCSM for paleoclimate purposes I created a user-interactive web site, or wiki, which is an important place for many beginning paleoclimate models to start.

American Geophysical Union Session Co-chair: “Tropical Cyclone and Climate Interactions on All Time Scales”, 2006; “Pole-Equator-Pole: Proxy and Modeling Perspectives on Cenozoic Climate Transitions”, 2005; “From Greenhouse to Icehouse: Paleogene Global Change, Phytoplankton Response, and Atmospheric Carbon Removal”, 2004.

Conference Co-convener, Palaeogeography: The spatial context for understanding evolution of the Earth System, an international conference sponsored by the Geological Society of London and the Society of Sedimentary Geology,  at St. Johns College, Cambridge University, August 11-13 2008.

Conference Scientific Committee, Climatic and Biotic Events of the Paleogene, major international conference, to be held in Wellington, New Zealand, January 12-15, 2009.

Co-Chair/Co-Convener, CCSM Paleoclimate Working Group meetings, June 2004 (Santa Fe, NM), June 2005 (Breckenridge, CO); February 2006 (Madison, WI).

I authored, “Paleoceanographic modeling”, a general introduction to the subject for the Springer Encyclopedia of Paleoclimatology & Ancient Environments, in press.

2005 to present, I have been on the NSF-sponsored Teragrid Medium and Large Allocation Panels.

In 2007, I appeared in “Super Comet--After the Impact” a movie which has been picked up by the Discovery Channel (USA and Europe). The movie is an “all ages” documentary of a fictionalized account of what would happen if a K-T type (dinosaur killer) bolide impacted the Earth today. This was turned into a book which appeared in German.

My recent papers sparked a lot of interest in the global community of learners, and I spent significant time giving interviews to the Voice of America and KPFK in Los Angeles, Geotimes, the Washington Post, BBC Online (translated into 9 languages), MSNBC, Space.com, Discover Magazine, the New York Times, USA Today, Science (May, 2006) and Nature (June, 2006/2007), Bloomberg and an ABC Morning News interview, and the book, Stormworld by Chris Mooney.

I developed 6 new courses at Purdue: Physical Oceanography (4 grad/ugrads), Physics of Climate (~25 undergrad majors), Theory of Climate (8 graduate students), Proposal Writing for Graduate Students (~14 grad students), Climate Change Science and Policy (with L. Raymond in PoliSci: ~50 students), Soil Moisture and Climate Interactions (~10 students).


Brinkhuis, H.Univ. Utrecht, NL

Caballero, R.Trinity College, IR

Emanuel, K. MIT

Garric, GToulouse, Fr

Galeotti, SUrbino

Hollis, C.IGNS, NZ


Mann, M.PSU

Dietmar Mueller   Sydney, Aus


Pagani, M.Yale

Schouten, S.        NIOZ, NL

Sewall, J.VaTech

Shellito, C.Colorado

Thomas, E.Yale

Webster, P. J.      GaTech


Shaffer, G. University of  Copenhagen (post-doctoral supervisor)

Sloan, L. C. University of California, Santa Cruz (Ph.D.)

Ghil, M. University of California, Los Angeles (M.S.)

Thesis Advisor (to 3 students)

Ryan Sriver (Purdue Ph.D. 2008) Ruben Van Hooidonk (Purdue Ph.D.-continuing)

Aaron Goldner (Purdue M.S.-continuing)  Aisha Reed (Purdue M.S. 2006, a Congressional Black Caucus Congressional Fellow)

Co-advisor to (6 students)

Vimal Mishra (Purdue Phd student continuing)    Sultan Ahmed (Purdue Phd student continuing)

Advat Godbole (Purdue Phd student continuing) Ben MacCall (Purdue Ph.D. 2006)        

Ki-Hong Min (Purdue Ph.D. 2005)                        Brooke Halvorson(Purdue M.S. 2005)  

Jeroen Waarnar (University Utrecht Ph.D. 2006)