We are a group of Purdue University Students coming together to promote, fundraise, and volunteer for the Indiana Canine Assistant Network (ICAN). ICAN is an organization based in downtown Indianapolis that trains dogs for assisted living through the use of offenders in four different prisons within Indiana. Purdue ICAN Club serves as a link to closely involve Purdue students with ICAN.

If you would like to join the club or just learn more about us please contact Jennifer Cota at jcota@purdue.edu or any of the officers from the "Contact Us" page.

(Pictured L-R)

Professor Brad Duerstock, (Back) Jennifer Cota, Taryn Clark, Jennifer Jones, Taylor Thompson, Lauren Demaree, (Front) Jessica Callahan, Erin Walsh, Jennifer Graham, Molly Sweeney, Luke (ICAN assistance dog)

Purdue ICAN Club is beginning its third year at Purdue and excited about the events to come! Click on the "Calendar" link to see our upcoming events!

Purdue ICAN Club finished two full years as a club at Purdue and there are a lot of accomplishments to look back on. We completed 4 puppy chow fundraisers and a cookie fundraiser and donated over $600 to the Indiana Canine Assistant Network, received a grant from Purdue for a renovation project in the Indianapolis Women's Prison. We were also visited by Sally Irvin, Emily Shryock and Sherri DeCoursey from ICAN as well as Professor Duerstock and the Holcombe family who currently have ICAN trained assistance dogs. We also participated in Purdue's Spring Fest and elected new officers.

If you have any interest in Purdue ICAN Club or any of the events that we are planning, please contact any of the officers!