Iranian Cultural Club at Purdue University

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About ICC

The Iranian Cultural Club (ICC) is a non-profit student organization at Purdue University founded in 1990 free of any political or religious inclination. The main goals of this organization are preserving and promoting the Iranian culture, language and heritage; providing new Iranian students the necessary orientation of the Purdue community and facilities; and creating a warm and friendly atmosphere for all Iranians at Purdue. As part of these objectives, we organize social and cultural activities and provides our members with information, news, and support in a wide variety of academic and non-academic aspects.

Current Governing Body:

Club President Contact Info
Hadi Shagerdi

Vice President Contact Info
Iman Beheshti

Club Treasurer Contact Info
Samane Saadat

Faculty Advisor Contact Info
Guity Ravai


Address: B2F, 128 Memorial Mall, West Lafayette, IN 47907

Former Executive Members:

Amir Rashidinejad
Maryam Ghadiry
Mina Ostovari
Nastaran Karimi
Mohammad Miralinaghi

Saman Saeedasr
Amir Rashidinejad
Khashayar Farrokhzad
Maryam Ghadiry

Leyla Yamin
Golsa Moayyeri
Mahsa Fardisi

Leyla Yamin
Golsa Moayyeri
Korosh Torabi

Ehsan Hamidi
Korosh Torabi

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