2008 Fall

September 6, 2008
New Student Welcome BBQ and Mid-Autumn Festival Gathering

2008 Spring

March 1, 2008
ILTC Presidential Election

February 3, 2008
Lunar New Year Potluck Gathering

2007 Fall

December 5, 2007
Holidays Around the World

November 24, 2007
Taiwan Film Festival

November 15, 2007
7th Annual Boilermaker Fall Harvest Food Drive

November 3, 2007
Visit Indiana Research Institute (IRI), Columbus

November 3, 2007
Outlet Shopping Tour, Edinburgh

October 6, 2007
National Day Parade, Chicago

September 24, 2007
Meeting with TECO, Purdue Faculty, and Purdue Alumni

September 22, 2007
Mid-Autumn Festival Gathering

September 21, 2007
Mooncake Making 101

September 15, 2007
IIT-TECO Chicago Architecture Tour

September 1, 2007
13th Global Fest

August 18, 2007
New Student Welcome BBQ

August 18, 2007
New Student Orientation

2007 Summer

July 21 - August 13, 2007
Indianapolis Airport Pickup and Settling-down services

June 1 - August 15, 2007
ILTC Membership Card

2007 Spring

May 27, 2007
2007 Orientation in Taipei

April 7, 2007
ILTC Presidential Election

February 17, 2007
Lunar New Year Party

2006 Fall

November 4, 2006
Outlet Trip II, Edinburgh

October 8, 2006
Outlet Trip I and National Day Parade, Chicago

October 6, 2006
Mid-Autumn Festival

September 23, 2006
IIT-TECO Chicago Architecture Tour

September 9, 2006
Visit to IRI

September 2, 2006
Global Festival

August 26, 2006
The Field Museum,Chicago Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs

August 20, 2006
Orientation and BBQ

July 31- Augest 15, 2006
New Student Indy Airport Pickup and Settling Down

2006 Spring

May 21, 2006
Orientation in Taipei

April 2, 2006
International Awareness Week

February 25, 2006
ILTC President Election

January 28, 2006
Lunar New Year Celebration Night

2005 Fall

December 7, 2005
Holiday Around the World

November 21, 2005
Dr. Chen’s speech

October 8, 2005
Outlet Shopping Tour

September 3, 2005
11th Global Fest

August 28, 2005
New Student Welcome BBQ

Agust 27, 2005
New Student Orientation (NSO) in Purdue

2005 Spring

May 20, 2005
New Student Orientation (NSO) in Taipei

May 6, 2005
Cumberland International Art Night

April 10, 2005
International Awareness Week 2005

February 27, 2005
228 Incident Forum, Travel Seminar, and Presidential Election
Forum speaker: Mr. Wu
Seminar speakers: Hsiao-Kuan, Hung-Ming, and Angie Wang

January 20, 2005
Culture Night of Family at James Cole Elementary School
Volunteers: 9

2004 Fall

December 8, 2004
Holidays Around the World
Volunteers: 12

November 21, 2004
Seminar: Active Faults in Taiwan
Speaker: Wen-Jeng Huang

November 17
Puppet Show at Burnett Creek Elementary School
於 Burnett Creek 小學演出布袋戲
Volunteers: 3

October 2-3
Encouraging members to enjoy the 37th Feast of the Hunters' Moon
鼓勵會員參加第 37 屆 Feast of the Hunters' Moon

September 17

Cultural Night
Volunteers: 11

September 3-4
Global Fest 2004
2004 全球節
Volunteers: 32


August 28
Paintball Game
Coordinator: Yen (元祥)
參加人數: 10 人

2004 Summer

August 22
Orientation BBQ 2004
2004 迎新烤肉
Coordinator: Shuo-Huan (碩桓)
參加人數: 40 人

August 21
Orientation Seminar for 2004 students
2004 新生迎新座談會
Emcee: Hung-Pin (鴻斌)
Speakers: Ray, Jeanne, Ming


Mid July - Mid August
Indianapolis Airport Pickup, Settling Down and Temporary Housing Service
2004 新生 Indianapolis 接機,安頓以及住宿服務
Coordinator: Shan-Da(尚達)Shuo-Huan(碩桓)
Volunteers: 30

August 14
Joint forum of ILTC and TSA
本會留言板與 TSA 留言板合併

June 19
A Day Trip to Raccoon Lake
Coordinator: Yen
People: 22
組織人: 元祥
參加人數: 22

June 5
Craft Booth at Strawberry Festival
Volunteers: 10
幫忙人數: 10

May 22
Orientation for 2004 new students at Taipei Public Library, Taiwan
Coordinator: Hung-Pin
Volunteers: 5

協調人: 鴻斌
幫忙人數: 5


2004 Spring

April 18

International Fest 2004
國際節 2004
Coordinator: Shuo-Huan(碩桓)

Sharing Feast (car-purchasing & house-renting) and
ILTC Presidential Election
購車, 租屋資訊分享會 (兼辦 ILTC 會長改選)


February 28
228 Incident Forum


February 21
Meeting and discussion with TECO and Purdue faculty.

February 14
Travel Seminar
Speaker:Shan-Da,Sabrina, Jeff
演講者: 尚達, 玉萱


January 10
Swiss Valley Skiing Trip
滑雪之旅 (Swiss Valley 滑雪場)
帶團者: 宏銘


2003 Fall

November 20
Participating Food Drive


November 8
Participating "Chicago--Taiwanese Cultrue Week" at TECO


October 25
Shopping tour for new students at Michigan City outlet (preparation for winter)
載新生到 Michigan City Outlet 購衣物準備過冬


September 26~27
Participating TECO's meetings for preidents of Taiwanese students organizations in Midwest

September 13
Participating Feast of Hunters' Moon
鼓勵會員參加 Feast of Hunters' Moon, 體驗異國文化

August 29~28
Grocery shopping ride service for new students.
Coordinator: Chao-Lung, Yu-Shin (Amanda)
Volunteers: about 10
協調人:朝龍, 育欣 (Amanda)
幫忙人數: 約 10 人

August 29,30
Global Festival
Promote Taiwan in Great Lafayette community.
介紹台灣給 Lafayette 外國友人
1. 食物攤位協調人: 河杰, 正宜
2. 文化攤位協調人: 碩桓
幫忙人數: 約 25 人


August 23
Purdue campus life orientation for new students.
Speakers: Hsiao-Kuan, Deanna, Michael, Chao-Lung, Megan, Chi-Hua and Yan-Fu.
Preside: J.J.
演講者: 孝寬, 慧明 (Deanna), 敬毅 (Michael), 朝龍, 浙平 (Megan), 齊華, 彥甫.
主持人: 建洲 (J.J.).

August 16
Welcome BBQ party for new comers at Happy Hollow Park
迎新 BBQ party 於 Happy Hollow Park


August 13,14
Feast of Hunter's Moon


2003 Summer

July 29 ~ August 16
協調人: 敬毅 (Michael), 齊華
幫忙人數: 約 40 人

July 26
Sharing Feast ("Happiness is a Journey")-Seminar
Speaker: Deanna
Preside: J.J
分享座談會 (主題: "Happiness is a Journey")
分享者: 慧明 (Deanna)
主持人: 建洲 (J.J.)

July 12
Sharing Feast ("Money or Love")-Seminar
Speaker: Wei-Ru.
Preside: J.J.
分享座談會 (主題: "Money or Love")
分享者: 威儒.
主持人: 建洲 (J.J.).

June 1
Short Seminar, Taiwan
For New Taiwanese

May 31 ~ June 1
Online seminar (MSN messenger) for Purdue 2003 new comers in Taiwan (because of SARS)
Coordinator: Chao-Lung
Volunteers: about 15
因SARS 緣故, 舉辦網路(MSN messenger)新生說明會
協調人: 朝龍
幫忙人數: 約 15 人

2003 Spring

May 16
Promote Taiwan in Cumberland elementary school
Speaker: Hung-Ming
在 Cumberland elementary school 介紹台灣給美國友人
演講者: 宏銘


April 28
Farewell Party for the Graduating Students

April 26
Farewell party for graduates in May and August, 2003
歡送 2003年五月及八月畢業生

April 19
Indiana University (IU) BBQ
Coordinator: Paul
Indiana University (IU) 聯誼烤肉
協調人: 柏豪 (Paul)

April 6
International Awareness Week
1. Introduce culture and life in Taiwan.
2. Aboriginal Feast Dancing.
3. Lion Dancing.
4. Puppet show (University of Wisconsin-Madison, TSA puppet troupe.)
Coordinator: Chin-Lung.
Volunteers: 50.
1. 介紹台灣文化和生活.
2. 原住民舞蹈表演.
3. 舞獅表演.
4. 布袋戲表演. (University of Wisconsin-Madison, TSA 布袋戲團友情演出.)
協調人: 慶隆.
幫忙人數: 約 50 人

March 1
Travel Seminar
Coordinator: Paul
Speakers: Chia-Chi, Jia-Han (John), Chao-Lung, Jeff
協調人: 柏豪 (Paul)
演講者: 家齊, 佳翰 (John), 朝龍, 介福 (Jeff)


Feb 1
Lunar New Yea

2002 Fall

Sep 14
Indiana University, Bloomington

Aug 31
Global Fest

Aug 24
Short Seminar, Taiwan
For New Taiwanese Students

2002 Summer

July 31
Discussion Forum
Taiwan Night, The Future of Taiwan

June 15
TC 2002 Website competition winners
First Winner:  Purdue University I Love Taiwan Club

May 18
Short Seminar, Taiwan
For New Taiwanese Students
2002 Spring

Apr 7
International Awareness Week

Mar 8
Chicago Puppet Trip

Mar 2
Travel Seminar

Feb 16
Lunar New Year Party
2001 Fall

Oct 13
Taiwan’s Typhoon, Flooding and Debris Flow

Culture Diversity Fair

Introduction of Tea Art, Traditional Foods, and Cultures

Sep 8
Indiana University, Bloomington

Aug 25
Living at Purdue
2001 Summer

May 26
For New Taiwanese Students
2001 Spring

Apr 6
Multi-Cultural Festival

Feb 21
Short Seminar
Travel in US