We are Taiwanses students at Purdue University. Our country, Taiwan, is located at the Western Pacific. When a Portugese ship passed by her around 1590, the navigator, exclaimed "Ilha Formosa". It means "A beautiful island", which became her name for the next four centuries. After World War II, Taiwan was independent from Japanese colonization and is a well-developed democratic country today. In the past decades, Taiwan has made great strides towards democratization and has contributed much to the economic well being and humanitarianism of the world. It is our honor to introduce our country and share our culture with you.


The goal of the I LOVE TAIWAN CLUB is to promote Taiwanese consciousness which represents the characteristic of rational thinking and humanistic consideration of Taiwanese. We believe this goal was originated from the desire of human being to proceed in the direction of happiness, wisdom and true peace. We are happy to light up this direction and looking for knowing you on the road.


Based on our goal, we have measured several domains relative to the issues of history and culture, economics and politics, society and education, industry and environment in the past years. It is our pleasure to exchange our vision and share our consideration with all the students and faculties at Purdue as well as the society of American.