The statement of July 23, 1999


The I LOVE TAIWAN CLUB, a student organization at Purdue University, supports Taiwan President Lee Teng-hui's statement that Taiwan and China have a state-to-state relationship.

Taiwan is an independent country. Like most democratic countries in the world, the Taiwanese people directly elected their government to manage their own country. Taiwan has sovereign military, laws, customs, and the unified belief in liberty, equality and charity.

The People's Republic of China (PRC) has never for one minute ruled Taiwan. It is absurd that the PRC proclaims Taiwan to be a renegade province of China.

We would like to reveal that the so-called "one China policy" is a historical fallacy. In 1972, the United States made its first overture with Beijing. At that time, Taiwan was ruled by the Nationalist Chinese dictatorship that vowed to retake mainland China. In that political climate, the United States "acknowledged" that both Taipei and Beijing believed that there is but one China (both at the time claimed to be the real China). It is important to take note that for United States strategic interests under the cold war structure, the United States merely stated that it "acknowledges" that view, not that it "accepts" that view, which the United States is claiming that it does today.

Much has changed since the 1970s. Taiwan is now a democratic country. In 1991, Taiwan amended its constitution to limit the area covered by its constitution to that of the Taiwan area, to recognize the legitimacy of the rule of the PRC on the Chinese mainland, and to abandon hostility towards the PRC. Thus, to that end, Taiwan and China's relationship is that of one state to another.

Taiwan's statehood should be legally recognized in the world. In the past decades, Taiwan has made great strides towards democratization and has contributed much to the economic well being and humanitarianism of the world. The Taiwanese people would like to extend friendship to other democratic countries in the world and to promote true happiness and peace.

Unfortunately, injustice still suppresses Taiwan. The Taiwanese people's long-term efforts and contributions continue to be ignored by the world. The "One China" policy is an injustice that violates the Taiwanese people's basic human right of self-determination.

The I LOVE TAIWAN CLUB, decidedly objects to the "one China policy" and urges respectful American friends to abandon this policy and to support Taiwan's statehood. Only when true justice prevails would there be true peace in the world.

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