The IISE Board

The IISE Board consists of four different committees: Professional Development, Programs, Public Relations and Marketing, and Grand Prix. These committees are responsible for planning, marketing, and funding the events that IISE takes part in each semester. Each committee is managed by a director and has five or six chair members. Each chair member also has a corresponding committee member to assist them.

Professional Development (ProD) coordinates our events involving companies. Every semester ProD plans multiple info sessions, skill builder workshops, plant tours, and case studies, among other professional events.

Programs organizes our community service projects and social events. They help our members to get to know each other and reach out to ISE faculty to get them involved. This commitee organizes our Adopt-A-Highway program, faculty luncheons, and our socials gatherings each semester.

Public Relations and Marketing (PRM) is responsible for publicizing our events, getting our general members involved, and keeping our alumni and faculty updated on what is happening in IISE.

Grand Prix manages our Grand Prix efforts each spring. They find corporate sponsors to fund our kart, build the kart, practice racing and compete during Grand Prix week.

For details about board positions and responsibilities within each committee, click here.

How to Apply for a Board Position

1) If you are not yet already a general member of our chapter, click here.

2) Submit a board petition and your résumé
(résumé is optional, but encouraged)

3) Be interviewed by the Executive Board and Directors
Interviews are held the second week of classes two days after the Call-Out. We recommend that you come to the IISE Call-Out (usually the second week of each semester) to learn about the specific chair positions on each committee. The event will be posted on our Upcoming Events page at the beginning of next semester. We recommend dressing business casual for the interview.

If you have any further questions about a specific board position please contact the director of that committee.

This Week

Join us for our next Professional Development Workshop with Kathy Kilmer, Monday 11/6, 11 am in WALC 2088.

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