Research Group

My research group meets every Friday 12-1pm at our lab Knoy 210. Any visitors or sponsors need to notify me prior to attending our meeting.

Graduate Students (10)

  • Zhihao Yao

  • Faheem Zafari

  • Diao Kelu

  • Mengjie Wang

  • Ankush Singla (CERIAS)

  • Raj Praveen

  • Sahithya Kodam

  • Novjean Kannathara

  • Anand A Mudgerikar (CERIAS)

  • Dixit Smit

Ph.D. Applicants

Ph.D. Applicants who are interested in conducting research in the areas of network data analytics, distributed systems/cloud computing, queueing theory, network simulation or similar may contact me by email after they have obtained their GRE and TOEFL scores.

  • M.Sc. degree with a GPA of 3.5 or better, or student that is in the top 10% graduation rank from a four-year undergraduate degree (or degree that conforms to the Bologna Accords).

  • Strong software background in one or more: C/C++/Java/Matlab.

  • Background in Computer Networks and Operating Systems.

  • Documented research experience (list of publications), or relevant work experience, are a plus.

  • GRE quantitative score above 80th percentile.

  • Ph.D. standard admission criteria


  • F.A.Q. website. This website is centered towards Masters students, but it contains useful info for all potential applicants;

  • Read in detail the Ph.D. and the M.Sc. websites.

Application Process

  • Apply to Purdue University, and select "PhD in Technology". Select my name as your preferred graduate advisor. You can also add my name and Computer and Information Technology (CIT) as your department in the notes;

  • Once you have applied send me an email, and I will review your application on our database (I will not review your application if you have not included at least the GRE/TOEFL scores and your resume in your application);

  • If you have secured funding then please let me know.

Postdocs and Visiting Researchers

All the following conditions must hold:

  • You have secured independent funding covering all expenses;

  • Your ex-advisor can provide a favorable recomendation;

  • There is enough overlap among my *current* research interests.