Welcome to Purdue & GradIV!  We would love to have you join us in any way you can!  Below you’ll find some info on our current semester’s events. Please email  anyone on the leadership team for more info.  We look forward to meeting you soon!

FALL 2014

Monday and Thursday Evening Bible Studies

Monday at 7 pm at Anna’s house and Thursday, 8 pm Emily’s house, beginning the first week of September – Join us as we dive into the book of 2 Corinthians!  This is an inductive bible study, with an emphasis on how God’s word impacts our lives as Grad students at Purdue.  Rides are available, and of course…there are snacks (what would a grad student gathering be without free food?) Both nights are the same study but at different times and places, choose at your convenience. Contact Emily.umulis@gmail.com for directions and more information.

Science & Theology Discussion Group

Once a month we meet to discuss a topic on the intersection of science, theology, and faith. Past topics have included interpretations of Genesis 1; what neuroscience, psychology, and theology say about the mind, body, and soul; the types of explanations used in science and religion; and a Christian approach to responsible technology.  Come meet other folks interested in learning to balance their faith in God and their knowledge of the scientific world. Contact Brianna at dillonb@purdue.edu for more information.

Hiking in Shades State Park

Fall 2014 Guest Speakers:

  • Fri Sept 19 – Dave Suryk, Grad IV staff at U of Illinois, will speak on the challenges and opportunities to evangelism within grad student communities.
  • Fri Nov 7, Dr. Ream, Prof Indiana Wesleyan, “Integration of Faith & Learning” A discussion on how our faith informs how we approach our academic disciplines.


We’re glad you found the Purdue GradIV’s website! We are also on Facebook here and here, but this is probably the most up-to-date source of information. You are welcome to read more about us.

Don’t be concerned if you can’t come every week; as grad students ourselves, we understand that everyone has busy schedules.

At GradIV you can:

  • Connect with other Christian grad students
  • Engage with Christian faculty members
  • Watch Apollo 13 if you’ve never seen it
  • Dance down Emily’s front steps
  • Eat delicious food
  • Grow in Christ through fellowship, prayer, and Bible study

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