Welcome to Purdue!  We are a group of graduate students committed to following Christ and making Him known at Purdue. We gather regularly for Bible Study, Prayer, Community Service, and Social Events!

Attention New Students!

  • We’d love to talk with you about our organization and/or what it means for us to be Graduate students who believe in and follow Christ.
  • email purduegrad@intervarsity.org
  • Coffee or ice cream is on us!

Weekly Events Launch 8/27- Join Us!

Small Group Scripture Studies:

  • Mon 7 pm @ Robert’s (email for address!), Colossians, pritcher@purdue.edu
  • Weds 12:00, Stewart 307, John, Becca Becca.e.nixon@gmail.com
  • Thurs 8 pm @ Emily’s (307 Park Ln, West Lafayette), Philippians, emily.umulis@intervarsity.org

On-Campus Misional Prayer

  • Engineering: Mon 12-12:30, Armstrong B097 Weston buchanaw@purdue.edu
  • Math: Thurs 10:30 am, Kyle flanaga5@purdue.edu, Math Building Grad Lounge (in the basement!)

Questioning God Group

A community for skeptics, questioners, and hesitant believers…join us as we thoughtfully engage with meaningful questions!  Email emily.umulis@gmail.com for time & location

Other Social & Theological Events are coming soon- emial purduegrad@intervarsity.org for more info!



Upcoming Fall Events:

Italian Ice Happy Hour

  • Weds. Aug 15th, 5-7 pm in the Center of Purdue Memorial Mall
  • Find us under the Blue Tent!
  • Join us to connect with other grads and enjoy (Free!) Italian Ice

Welcome Dinner & Call Out 

  • Thurs Aug 23rd, 5:30- 7:00, on the South Side of the Purdue Memorial Mall
  • Join us to learn more about Graduate InterVarsity Christian Fellowship & get connected!
  • Dinner is Provided!

Small Groups, On- Campus Prayer Groups, etc

  • Starting the week of 8/27- GradIV students will connect in small group bible studies, on-campus prayer groups, and more- email purduegrad@intervarsity.org to learn more!