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Grad IV: Bible Study and Dinners!

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Hey Guys, Since it’s Thursday and my I-must-send-a-Grad-IV-email instincts have kicked in, I am forwarding Emily’s email to you. Remember that we are meeting at 6pm for dinner at Emily’s house. If you can make a side dish or something, … Continue reading

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Grad IV – Symposium Edition

Hey Guys, There are a several items on the list for today: 1) There is no Grad IV Bible study this evening. Dennis suggested a trivia night at 8pm in Pappy’s (diner in the Union basement). The winners receive a … Continue reading

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Grad IV – Bible Study and Super Bowl

Hey Everyone, Today’s email has a whopping three topics: 1) Tonight we are meeting at 8pm at Emily’s house. This week’s study will be a workshop on How to Grow Friendships Where Spiritual Conversations Happen, lead by Emily. This is … Continue reading

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Grad IV

Hello Everyone, Just like last week, there are two events on the schedule for this evening: -At 6:30pm in ARMS 2119, there will be a meeting to discus the topic of inclusivism vs. exclusivism. I’ve been informed that Lauren knows … Continue reading

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Grad IV

Hello Everyone, We have two events on the schedule for tonight: -At 6:30pm in ARMS 2119, there will be meeting to discus denominations.This is part of the ministudy on how to handle differences in thoughts/opinions among believers. -At 8pm we … Continue reading

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Dessert & speaker tomorrow. MiniStudy. Bible study CANCELLED

Hey GradIV, Just a reminder/announcement for three things: 1. Dessert at 8.30p tomorrow (Wednesday) at the Umulis’s. Dr. Robert Kaita, of the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, is the faculty advisor for Princeton’s GradIV and has expressed an interest in meeting … Continue reading

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MiniStudy Time and Location

Hello GradIV, The votes are in for the ministudy times, and it looks like 6.30-7.30p on Thursday, before Bible study, will work for people. We have ARMS 2119, a conference room on the second floor of Armstrong Hall (by the … Continue reading

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GradIV MiniStudy: Navigating conflict within the church

Hey GradIV! This was announced a few times in Bible study, but not last [Thursday] night, and we have more details! Here they are: Navigating Conflict within the Church: A GradIV MiniStudy* This will be a three-week study, extracurricular to … Continue reading

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Various Announcements

Hey Guys, A few people have contacted me with things to forward along and today’s the day. There’s a lot of info here – I apologize (and highly suggest skimming). The first thing however, is an event for tomorrow night … Continue reading

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