GradIV MiniStudy: Navigating conflict within the church

Hey GradIV!

This was announced a few times in Bible study, but not last [Thursday] night, and we have more details! Here they are:

Navigating Conflict within the Church: A GradIV MiniStudy*

This will be a three-week study, extracurricular to our regular Bible studies. We’ll take a look at three issues that have caused division within the church. In the context of learning about and discussing these issues, we’ll practice building empathy, understanding, firmness, and other valuable “tools”, both in the heat of the moment and in coming to personal conclusions about these issues.

Now for logistics! We’ll have one one-hour meeting per week (three total), starting next week (sorry for the late notice!). Our topics will be:
Week 1 (next week): Evolution and Creation
Week 2: Denominational Divisions
Week 3: Inclusivity vs. Exclusivity (Is Christ the only way to heaven?)

Send me (Arin) an email stating:
1. That you’re interested (unless you’re not; then don’t send me one)
2. Which time would work best for you, along with time restrictions. The time choices are:
-Tuesday evening
-Wednesday evening (except for the first week, when we’ll be having dessert with a visiting physics professor)
-Before Thursday Bible study

Thank you!
-Arin, Jarrod, and Lauren

*The ministudy was conceived out of a desire for unity within the larger body of Christ. Often, arguments and conflicts arise in the church, and it is easy to shy away from these, letting division remain. However, this can be detrimental to the witness and work of the church, and we’d like to practice with you principles for confronting division. It is our prayer that the diversity of backgrounds in GradIV will contribute to these learning sessions.

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