About GradIV @ Purdue

We are Graduate InterVarsity Christian Fellowship!  Our ‘main event’ is a weekly in-depth Bible study that explores how scripture applies to our lives as graduate students. Once a month we host a discussion about a topic on the intersection of science and theology, and a few times a semester we invite a Christian faculty member to speak to us about their experience and insight into following Christ in academia (past guests have included Prof. Erica Carlson and Prof. Ken Ferraro). We also host prayer gatherings, social events, and outreach events.  During the summer, we have engaged in book or topical studies, including C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters, Dietrich Donhoeffer’s Cost of Discipleship, John Walton’s Lost World of Genesis One, Shusaku Endo’s Silence, and N.T. Wright’s Evil and the Justice of God.

Throughout all of our events, we are motivated by a deep desire to:

  • grow in knowledge of our Savior and His Word
  • rejoice in our fellowship as a community
  • submit our academic lives to the lordship of Jesus Christ, and
  • bear witness of our just and merciful God to a large and diverse campus.

We focus strongly on the integration of faith and academics in our personal lives, seeking to grow in our relationships with Christ, each other, and our colleagues and fellow students. We see graduate school as a calling and a vocation, and treasure the blessing and encouragement found in Christian community.

Purdue Grad IV is a ministry of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship USA. We also have connections to Faculty Commons and the Emerging Scholars Network at Purdue.

Thanks for looking us up!  We know that as a grad student, your time is scarce.  All of our events are designed so that you can jump in at anytime without feeling like you’ve missed something.  We hope you’ll join us for as many gatherings as you are able – whether that’s weekly or even only a few times a semester!

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