Weekly Updates

January 30th 2014
Hello everyone!
Tonight – the thurs night group will meet at 8 pm at Emily’s house (601 Robinson st)!  Take a break from the cold and join us!  If you’d like a ride, let me know !!
Tomorrow – Join a bunch of us for pizza at Mad Mushroom (320 w. State  st) at 5:30- then we’ll head over  to the symposium  on human trafficking- it’s an event co-sponsored by many campus ministries- designed to raise awareness and help believers and nonbelievers better grasp Gods heart for justice.  It’s designed to be accessible for non-Christians too- so invite your people to join us! :)  See the links below for more events and info!!!!
Sunday: Super Bowl Dinner & Party! Who doesn’t love food and cheesey commercials?  Join us and bring lab mates/friends/anyone who is hungry …oh and the foot ball game will be there too!  Sun, 5:30, party room at Salem court apts- near 3019 Cumberland.  Need a ride? Let emily know!

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