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Dessert & speaker tomorrow. MiniStudy. Bible study CANCELLED

Hey GradIV, Just a reminder/announcement for three things: 1. Dessert at 8.30p tomorrow (Wednesday) at the Umulis’s. Dr. Robert Kaita, of the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, is the faculty advisor for Princeton’s GradIV and has expressed an interest in meeting … Continue reading

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MiniStudy Time and Location

Hello GradIV, The votes are in for the ministudy times, and it looks like 6.30-7.30p on Thursday, before Bible study, will work for people. We have ARMS 2119, a conference room on the second floor of Armstrong Hall (by the … Continue reading

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GradIV MiniStudy: Navigating conflict within the church

Hey GradIV! This was announced a few times in Bible study, but not last [Thursday] night, and we have more details! Here they are: Navigating Conflict within the Church: A GradIV MiniStudy* This will be a three-week study, extracurricular to … Continue reading

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