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Selected Projects

Inexpensive RGB-D Sensor Fusion
for 3D Dynamic Displacement-Field
Defect Classification in Sewer
CCTV Inspection Videos Using
Deep Learning

Evaluation of Convolutional Neural
Networks for Deep Learning-based
Corrosion Detection
Convolutional Neural Network and
Naive Bayes Date Fusion for Deep
Learning-based Crack Detection

Robust 3D Scene Reconstruction
in the Presence of Misassociated
Features for Aerial Sensing
Review of Reconfigurable Swarm
Robots for Structural Health

Texture-based Video Processing
Using Bayesian Data Fusion for
Crack Detection
Color and Depth Data Fusion for
Dynamic Displacement-Field

Microcrack Assessment on
Reactor Internal Components of
Nuclear Power Plants
Multimodal Sensor Fusion for
Autonomous Data Acquisition of
Road Surfaces

Unsupervised Defect Detection
for Autonomous Pavement
Condition Assessment
Enhanced Crack Width

Contactless Crack Quantification Color and Texture Analysis for
Corrosion Detection

Multi-Image Stitching for
Evaluating Change Evolution
Crack Detection through
Incorporation of Depth Perception

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