Factor VIII-related antigen

ANTISERUM: DAKO (A0082). Polyclonal (rabbit) antibody.

IMMUNOGEN: Human plasma. This antibody reacts with human von Willebrand factor. Other human plasma proteins have been removed by solid-phase absorption.

REACTIVITY ACCORDING TO MANUFACTURER: Staining of endothelial cells and megakaryocytes by immunohistochemistry on human tissues.

STAINING METHODS: Paraffin sections: It is recommended proteolytic digestion. Dilution of 1/200 with PAP technique.

WORKING DILUTION: 1/800. Pretreatment with proteinase K.

METHOD: LSAB 2-PO. 30 min. RT.

CELLS/TISSUES STAINED (CANINE UNLESS SPECIFIED): Skin: Endothelial cells and plasma. Reactivity in variable numbers of neoplastic angiosarcoma cells.


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Skin, dermis, dog. Hemangiosarcoma. Immunoperoxodase-DAB for factor VIII-rAg.


Skin, dermis, dog. Lymphangioma. Immunoperoxidase-DAB for factor VIII-rAg.