Current lab members

Jeff Dukes (Professor)

Elin Jacobs (Postdoctoral Researcher, Forestry and Natural Resources)
Modeling of terrestrial ecosystems, plant ecophysiology, precipitation, water stress.

Akane Ota (M.S. Student, Forestry and Natural Resources)
Soil-atmosphere greenhouse gas fluxes.

Laura Ploughe (Ph.D. Student, Biological Sciences)
Biodiversity, plant communities, precipitation.

Zachary Reaver (M.S. Student & Knox Fellow, ESE Program, Forestry and Natural Resources)
Tree seedling responses to climate change.

Alejandro Salazar (Ph.D. Student, Biological Sciences; Fulbright-Colciencias Fellow)
The role of microorganisms on soil-atmosphere carbon cycling

Megan Scott (M.S. Student, ESE Program, Forestry and Natural Resources)
Precipitation change and soil-atmosphere greenhouse gas fluxes.

Risa McNellis (Technician)
Lead technician for the Boston-Area Climate Experiment



Undergraduates: Nishit Banka, Elizabeth Davis


Recent lab alumni

Jeanne Osnas (Purdue Postdoctoral Scholar in Natural Resources, Forestry and Natural Resources)
Leaf trait responses to environmental change.

Mike Schuster (Ph.D. Graduate, ESE program; USDA NIFA National Needs Fellow)
Climate change-induced precipitation variability impacts on invasive plant species and ecosystem processes

Nick Smith (PhD student, Postdoctoral Researcher, Forestry and Natural Resources)
Long-term plant responses to climate change

My research focuses on the physiological responses of plants to climatic changes including changes in temperature, precipitation, and incoming radiation and how they influence ecosystem functioning and climate feedbacks. I am also interested in using predicative models to understand the impact of plant physiology on ecosystem-atmosphere feedbacks to climate change.

Sam Worley (Lab Technician)
Maintenance and operation of the Boston-Area Climate Experiment

Hannah Lyons-Galante (Field Technician)
Assistance with the Boston-Area Climate Experiment




Less recent lab alumni

Novem Auyeung (Ph.D. Graduate, Forestry and Natural Resources)
Responses of ammonia-oxidizing communities and nitrogen cycling to climate change

I'm interested in how climate change, specifically warming and changes in precipitation, affect nitrogen cycling rates, nitrogen availability, and ammonia oxidizing bacteria and archaea communities throughout the year. I'm also working on a side project on the ecosystem service impacts of biofuels.

Katie Duszynski (M.S. Graduate, ESE program)
Carbon and nitrogen storage in tallgrass prairie soils

My research centers on the rate of carbon and nitrogen accrual in tallgrass prairie soils and how the composition of the plant community may affect this rate.

Carol Goranson (Lab Technician)
Maintenance and operation of the Boston-Area Climate Experiment

Jamie Herold (M.S. Graduate, Forestry and Natural Resources)
Management of plant species composition and diversity of Indiana roadsides

Susanne Hoeppner (Postdoctoral Fellow)
Effects of climate change on plant productivity and phenology

Guoyong Li (Visiting scholar, Henan University)
Thermal acclimation of plants

Yuan Miao (Visiting student, Henan University)
Identification of active vs. dormant microbes in soil

Vidya Suseela (Ph.D. Graduate, Forestry and Natural Resources)
Effects of climate change on resistant carbon fractions in soils and plants

I am interested in evaluating the effect of warming and altered precipitation on resistant carbon fractions in both soil organic matter and plant litter.




Lab alumni

Anna Aguilera (UMass Boston Ph.D. Graduate) - Professor, Simmons College
Novem Auyeung (Purdue Ph.D. Graduate) - NYC Department of Parks and Recreation
Jackie Beight (Undergraduate)
Minda Berbeco (Postgraduate) - Programs and Policy Director, National Center for Science Education
Eric Bestrom (REU Student)
Reino Carlson (REU Student)
Heather Charles (UMass Boston M.S. Graduate) - Town of Brookline
Georges Chick (Undergraduate)
Alan Clinton (Purdue undergraduate)
Joy Cookingham (Honors Undergraduate) - Ph.D. Student, UC-Davis
Andrea DaGraca (UMB Ph.D. Student)
Harmony Dalgleish (Purdue Visiting Scholar) - Professor, William & Mary
Hollie Emery (Honors Undergraduate/Research Assistant) - Ph.D. Student, Boston University
Nicki Fallon (Research Assistant) - M.S. Student, UMass Boston
George Galileos (Field Assistant)
Noah Goldstein (REU Student)
Carol Goranson (Lab technician) - Lead site technician, National Ecological Observatory Network
Joe Harney (Field Assistant)
Jamie Herold (M.S. Graduate) - Plant ecologist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Uchechi Ihenetu (Bridges Undergraduate)
Brita Jessen (Field Technician) - Ph.D. Student, University of Rhode Island
Kylie Jungles (HHMI summer undergraduate program)
Tanvi Lad (Undergraduate)
Raj Lal (Purdue SURF student)
Kate Letourneau (REU Student)
Siying Long (Purdue Undergraduate)
Randie Lyn (UMB Ph.D. Student)
Julya Montgomery (Undergraduate)
Nadya Muchoney (technician)
Lauren Mullin (Honors Undergraduate)
John Park (Undergraduate)
Grace Pold (REU student, research assistant) - M.S. student, UMass Amherst
Arnoldas Pivorius (Undergraduate)
Garrett Price (REU student)
Kyle Puls (Undergraduate)
Ryan Rafalski (Undergraduate)
Ben Ramsey (REU student)
Vidya Suseela (Purdue Ph.D. Graduate) - NSF Postdoctoral Fellow, Clemson University
Jill Taylor (Undergraduate)
Emmalyn Terracciano (Purdue SURF student)
Katie Theoharides (UMass Boston M.S. Graduate) - Defenders of Wildlife
Tim Waterbury (UMB Undergraduate)
Vince Webb (technician)
Kehao Zhu (Purdue undergraduate)