A listing of some of the research projects underway in the lab; see associated links for more details.

The Boston-Area Climate Experiment -- This project examines how old-field ecosystems with tree seedlings respond to twelve combinations of warming and precipitation, representing possible future climates. Researchers at many other institutions are collaborating with us on this research.

An Integrated Network for Terrestrial Ecosystem Research on Feedbacks to the Atmosphere and ClimatE: Linking experimentalists, ecosystem modelers, and Earth system modelers -- This NSF-funded Research Coordination Network, known as "INTERFACE", brings together three groups within the global change research community to improve the design of field experiments, mechanistic understanding of feedbacks, and realism of Earth system model projections.

PRairie Invasion and CLimate Experiment (PrICLE) -- This project examines the performance of introduced Canada thistle and weedy goldenrod in a midwestern prairie ecosystem exposed to altered precipitation regimes and nitrogen deposition.

Biocontrol and carbon sequestration in agroecosystems: the role of land use in maximizing ecosystem services to agriculture and society -- This USDA-funded project examines ecosystem services provided by prairie remnants and restored prairie in the Midwest. The project is a collaboration with Helen Rowe (PI), Joe Fargione, Ben Gramig, and Jeff Holland.

Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM) for INDOT Roadsides -- Among other things, this project seeks to identify microclimate-specific mixes of native prairie species that maximize ecosystem services along Indiana roadsides (funding from IN-DOT; The project is a collaboration with Zach Lowe).