Patrick Kain

Department of Philosophy

Purdue University





In the concluding section of his Anthropology textbook, Kant offers the outlines of a portrait of the human race and of its collective character and vocation. The section is of interest for students of Kant’s Geschichtsphilosophie because of what it reveals about Kant’s conception of human progress, and the processes responsible for it.  On Kant’s view, we can only expect collective progress through incremental political reform, and our expectation of progress rests significantly upon our own, specifically moral, reflections upon human activity.

“Der Charakter der Gattung”  [in German]

In Immanuel Kant: Schriften zur Geschichtsphilosophie.

(Klassiker Auslegen, Band 46),

ed. Otfried Höffe. (Berlin: Akademie Verlag, 2011)

pp. 137-155