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  • AUGUST 22

    Rush Schedule, Fall 2015


    *Note: You don't have to attend every event, but it is encouraged to get to as many as possible!

    Events will be from 6:00-8:00pm. Meet at the house at 5:45pm if you don't know where you're going and want a ride. You can also call one of the numbers below and we can send someone to pick you up.

    This map has names of dorms and landmarks when walking to the house. Find where you live and what you are looking for on the left hand side.

    For questions related to the events, email us at kappaalpha.ep@gmail.

  • Sunday, 08/23/2015             Cookout @ the House
    Tuesday, 08/25/2015            Bowling @ the Union
    Friday, 08/28/2015            Water Balloon Fights @ Memorial Mall

    Sunday, 08/30/2015            Grilling and Sports @ the Gold Fields
    Tuesday, 09/01/2015            Ultimate Frisbee @ Memorial Mall
    Friday, 09/04/2015            DodgeBall @ the Co-Rec

    Sunday, 09/06/2015              Football Game Night @ the House
    Tuesday, 09/08/2015            House Golf @ the House
    Friday, 09/11/2015            Lee Night @ the House

    Click HERE for a map of our campus Rush Event locations...