News and Announcements

End of Semester Grading: December 12

This semester's grading will take place on Saturday, December 12 at 4pm. It is recommended to come early in order to warm up and run through things before testing. Dues must be paid before you can test.

Mid-semester updates

Dues and Uniforms

We'll begin collecting member dues in the coming weeks. We're also placing orders for Gis. To advance in rank you need a gi. Stop by practice or e-mail Casey for details.

Practice Space

As a reminder, we're moving our practice space temporarily for two Saturdays. On Sat, Oct 3, we'll be next door in MP1. On Nov. 14, we'll be in MP7.

Welcome New Boilermakers!

Are you interested in learning karate? Looking for a functional total body workout? The Purdue Karate Club focuses on kata, conditioning, self-defense techniques, and more from the Goju-ryu style of Okinawan karate. To learn more, visit us at one of the introductory fall events:

If you can't make any of those please join us at our call-out practice on Monday, August 31 at 6pm. We practice at the Co-Rec in MP2 (first floor, next to the rock wall).

All ages and abilities are welcome to come train with us. No prior experience is needed.

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