Kerem Y. Camsari, PhD

  kcamsari AT purdue DOT edu

My name is Kerem Yunus Camsari and I am a post-doctoral researcher at the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue University with the Supriyo Datta group, where I have also received my PhD degree.


My research is about bridging the gap between novel materials and phenomena (Atoms) and functional devices and circuits (Systems) using theory, modeling and simulation. My PhD thesis was about developing a unified, physics-based, modular circuit framework to explore and understand emerging spintronic phenomena to evaluate new devices and circuits.


This framework is in continuous development to incorporate new physics for different applications and is used to understand, evaluate and propose new experiments, functional devices and circuits for a beyond-Moore era for electronics. My post-PhD focus has been to use this modular approach to establish a new kind of neuromorphic computing platform based on probabilistic (p)-bits and p-circuits as a hardware solution for a wide range of Boolean and non-Boolean problems that are of relevance in the context of Machine Learning.


Take a look at the IEEE Spectrum Article on our recent work on p-bits.


See my CV for associated publications or the Research tab for  details.


My PhD thesis is here.

My CV is here.