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The Purdue Kendo Club is open to anyone within the Purdue and Lafayette community who wishes to learn and practice Kendo. In order to be an official member of PKC and benefit from and participate in its activities, you must:


  1. Sign a waiver of liability and have it on file with Club Sports
  2. Pay club dues each semester. Currently, club dues are $40


The dues collected from members is used to buy club equipment, sponsor visits from sensei, cover some of the fees associated with going to tournaments, among other activities that benefit all members. Please pay club dues within a timely manner to the club treasurer or president.



Iwasaki-Sensei's Notes on Etiquette, Terms, and Basic Movements


Basic Kendo Etiquette


Obligations of the Student


The Keiko Manual



<All Japan Kendo Federation on Basic Forms, Movement, Suburi, and Strikes>


<Imafuji-Sensei's Channel of Kendo Concepts>


<Ariga-Sensei's KENDO 101 Videos>