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About Me

I am a researcher in the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Basel, Switzerland. I am also completing my Ph.D. in Economics at Purdue University (expected in the Spring 2014) under the guidance of Gabriele Camera. I also hold a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Purdue. While I was completing my first Ph.D. degree, I sat in an economics class taught by Roko Aliprantis and I got strongly attracted by the practical and mathematical aspects of that discipline. Thus, I made up my mind to pursue a Ph.D. in that discipline.

I am interested in various topics in economics including Game theory, Industrial organization, Macroeconomic theory, Mathematical methods, and Search theory. My current research focuses on heterogeneous-agent models of decentralized trade characterized by trading frictions in the form of capacity and mobility constraints. These models--sometimes known as "directed search" models--have been adopted to study labor markets, price dispersion, monetary economies, and so on. So far, I have three finished papers, which are part of my dissertation, and I am working on two more. One has been published in Economics Letters, one has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Economic Theory, and the third is in the process of being submitted. Broadly speaking, the first two papers deal with existence and uniqueness of equilibrium, while the third involves the study of dynamical equilibria. Because of this research, I have received the "Robert W. Johnson Award for Distinguished Research Proposal" in 2011. More detailed information for my research is available in my "Research" page.

I have a significant teaching experience. I have taught, for more than 10 years, a variety of classes from Mathematics to Economics in the Krannert School of management at Purdue University and the University of Basel. I have received the "Krannert Certificate for Distinguished Teaching" for my teaching performance in 2012. More detailed information for my teaching experience and evaluations is available in my "Teaching" page.

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