Purdue HPCG Lab

As a musician

As a gamer


Hansoo as a DRUMMER

+ 9-year experienced drummer (as of 2016)
+ I Play pop, rock, and Japanese-pops/rocks
+ Basic skills on swing jazz and Latin music
+ I Compose (drums only)
+ SONAR and BFD3 user
+ Stage and recording experience
+ Sometimes I am paid (!)

Kit: Gretsch New Classic 10 12 14 22
SD1: Gretsch Centennial Vinyard 14x4.5
SD2: Ludwig Black Beauty 14x5
SD3: Ludwig Hammered Bronze 14x6.5
SD4: Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute 14x6
SD5: Sonor Prolite Brass 14x5
Pedals: Pearl Eliminator Double, DW 9002 Double
Cymbals: Ziljian A, A Custom

Roland TD-30K

Snares - need to update!

Activity - recordings and compositions

VST drum track sample - pre-release sample (commercial)
2014 Novel Engine all rights reserved

Band Recording Samples - Raw recording sources (no mixing)

Activity - shows

+ Club shows - many
+ Larger stages (200~600 audience)

Drummer Only

Activity - competitions

Activity - TV, Radio, and ..etc...?

Internet Show (garage talk E01)
(Korean, 2012 Drum Garage)