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I am an M.S. student who is interested in themes of craft production, ritual mortuary practices, and gender ideologies through the investigation of fiber perishable artifacts such as woven textiles and cordage. I received a B.A. in 2011 in Anthropology and Spanish from DePaul University and have spent five field seasons working in Peru, the Bahamas, and Chicago, USA. For the past year I have been collaborating with the Proyecto de Investigación Arqueológico Regional Ancash (PIARA) in highland Peru as the principal handler and researcher of all fiber perishable remains from looted mountainside tombs, dated approximately to the Middle Horizon (600-1000 AD), at the site of Hualcayán. The data I collected will contribute to my M.S. thesis that aims to answer questions about what the specific mortuary practices were at this time in prehistory and how it was affected by local craft production and ideas of gender. 




The Department of Anthropology offers an M.S. and a Ph.D. in Anthropology with an archaeology emphasis. Click here for more information. NOTE: if you are interested in applying to the graduate program to work with Dr. Vaughn, it is imperative that you contact him as early as possible in the application process.

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