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To request an electronic copy of a paper, please email me at zach@clft.org.

Lowe, Z.E. 2008. Integrated control of invasive brushlands and establishment techniques for native plants. Published Proceedings of the Rangeland Technology and Equipment Council Annual Meeting.

Lowe, Z.E., H.P. Weeks, H.A. Holt, and G.R. Parker. 2007. Integrated vegetation management for invasive plant control and native grass establishment; applications to land managers. Ohio Invasive Plants Research Conference Proceedings.

Lowe, Z.E., H.P. Weeks, H.A. Holt, and G.R. Parker. 2007. Techniques to control woody invasive plants in Indiana hardwood forests. Native Plants Journal. 8:3 107-114.

Lowe, Z.E. and H.P. Weeks. 2007. Interpretive differences between field tooth wear age and laboratory cementum annuli age in white-tailed deer of southern Indiana. Quality Whitetail Journal, April.

Lowe, Z.E., H.P Weeks, and H.A. Holt. 2006. Integrated vegetation management for native warm-season grasses on utility right-of-way. National Roadside Vegetation Management Association. National Meeting Proceedings.

Lowe, Z.E., H. P. Weeks, H.A. Holt, and G.R. Parker. 2005. Control of woody invasive plants using mechanical and chemical treatments. Environmental Concerns in Rights-of-Way Management. Seventh International Symposium Proceedings.

Holt, H.A., Z.E. Lowe, M. Benage, H.P. Weeks, and G.R. Parker. 2005. Integrated vegetation management and invasive plant control. Forest Vegetation Management. Fifth International Symposium Proceedings.

Lowe, Z.E. and S.S. Weeks. 2008. Top 10 Forest Invasive Plants of Indiana. Purdue University Extension Publication (in press).

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