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Li Qiao

Associate Professor

School of Aeronautics and Astronautics

School of Mechanical Engineering (Courtesy)

Purdue University

Address: 701 W. Stadium Ave.,

West Lafayette, IN, 47907-2045

Phone: 765-494-2040

Fax: 765-494-0370



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“Flame, Gone With Butterfly”

Second Place Prize, 2010 Combustion Art Competition, the Combustion Institute, by Yanan Gan & Li Qiao, Purdue University



“CH4/Air premixed flame attached to a carbon-coated brass matrix cooled with water. Fuel rich to fuel lean from left to right and top to bottom by increasing air flow rate and decreasing CH4 flow rate. Small flames dance around and a butterfly appears. When the butterfly flies away, flame is gone.”




“Dr. Combustion

Second Place Prize, 2011 Combustion Art Competition, the Combustion Institute, by Bogdan Pavlov & Li Qiao, Purdue University



“A family of methane-air counterflow and premixed flames of different configurations with and without addition of nanoparticles. Depending on flame configuration, the particles may pass reaction zone, be heated and irradiate light (nose, beard, and hair). In certain configurations of a counterflow diffusion flame, the reaction zone acts as a strong fluid-dynamics source and diverts the particles, making them not reach the reaction zone (eyes and mouth). A classical methane-air diffusion flame provides Dr. Combustion with an elegant hat as he cannot conceal the joy of discovery.”




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