Welcome to my personal web site !

Since September 2014, I am a Research Assistant Professor in School of Nuclear Engineering at Purdue University.


NEWS: July 2017: RECIPIENT of DISTINGUISHED ALUMNI AWARD from Department of Electrical Engineering in University of Thessaly.

Feb 2018: Paper on Weld Stress Prediction with Kernel Machines was accepted in Engineering Applications of AI (collaboration with Coventry University, UK).

Jan 2018.

- The innovative paper on “Virtual Budget for Energy Management in Smart Grids” is accepted in Electric Power Systems Research Journal (Elsevier).


My research is interdisciplinary and focuses on:

· Smart Electrical Power Systems

· Smart Cities

· Applied Artificial Intelligence

· Intelligent Control Systems

· Intelligent Signal Processing

· Processing of Radiation Signals

· Smart Detectors

· Pattern Recognition


Miltos Alamaniotis, Ph.D.


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Miltos Alamaniotis

Research Assistant Professor

School of Nuclear Engineering

College of Engineering

Purdue University



Nuclear Engineering Building

Room: 108D

400 Central Dr.

West Lafayette, 47907, IN, USA


Email: malamani@purdue.edu

Phone: (765) 496-9696

Applied Intelligent Systems Laboratory

School of Nuclear Engineering

Purdue University