High energy physics Seminar (Theory)

The seminars are usually on Tuesdays at 3:30pm in room PHYS 242 (Physics Building).  Seminars might be scheduled at different days to accommodate the speaker. The official Physics seminars page is here. Information for visitors can be found below (at the bottom of the page) or at the visitors page (see also the Purdue page).

Seminars 2016

2016-02-02, 3:30pm, Room: PHYS242

2016-02-09, 3:30pm, Room PHYS242

2016-02-16, 3:30pm, Room: PHYS242

2016-02-23, 3:30pm, Room: PHYS242

  Joachim Brod, University of Cincinnati. 

2016-03-01, 3:30pm, Room: PHYS242

2016-03-08, 3:30pm, Room: PHYS242

2016-03-15, SPRING BREAK

2016-03-22, 3:30pm, Room: PHYS242
2016-03-29, 3:30pm, Room: PHYS242
2016-04-05, 3:30pm, Room: PHYS242

2016-04-12, 3:30pm, Room: PHYS242
2016-04-19, 3:30pm, Room: PHYS242

2016-04-26, 3:30pm, Room: PHYS242

Seminars 2015

2015-02-24, 3:30pm, Room: PHYS242
  Sarthak Parikh, Princeton University, NJ. 

2015-03-31, 3:30pm, Room: PHYS242
  Jessie Shelton, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL. 

2015-04-07, 3:30pm, Room PHYS242
  David SchaichSyracuse University, NY. 

2015-05-19, 3:30pm, Room: PHYS242
  Aalok Misra, Indian Institute Of Technology Roorkee, India. 

2015-10-13, 3:30pm, Room: PHYS242 OCTOBER BREAK
2015-10-20, 3:30pm, Room: PHYS242

   Black Rings in Supergravity”

    Zhibai Zhang, CUNY, NY. 
2015-10-27, 3:30pm, Room: PHYS242

    Shota Komatsu, Perimeter Institute, Waterloo, Canada. 

   “Integrability Bootstrap for Three-point Functions in N=4 Super Yang-Mills”
2015-11-03, 3:30pm, Room: PHYS242
2015-11-10, 3:30pm, Room: PHYS242
2015-11-17, 3:30pm, Room: PHYS242

    Yanyan Bu, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (Israel).

    “Linearly resummed hydrodynamics from gravity”
2015-11-24, 3:30pm, Room: PHYS242 THANKSGIVING
2015-12-01, 3:30pm, Room: PHYS242
2015-12-08, 3:30pm, Room: PHYS242

Seminars 2014

2014-03-04, 3:30pm, Room: PHYS242
  Onkar Parrikar, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

2014-04-08, 3:30pm, Room: PHYS242
  Simon Catterall, Syracuse University. 

2014-04-15, 3:30pm, Room: PHYS242
  Jonathan Toledo, Perimeter Institute. 

2014-04-29, 3:30pm, Room: PHYS242
  Alberto Guijosa, National Autonomous University, Mexico. 

2014-09-23, 3:30pm, Room: PHYS242
  Bartek Czech, Stanford University, CA.

2014-09-26, 3:30pm, Room: PHYS242
  Aki Hashimoto, University of Wisconsin-Madison, WI.

2014-11-05, 3:30pm, Room: PHYS242
  Albion Lawrence, Brandeis University, MA.

Seminars 2013

  1. 2013-3-19, 3:30pm, PHYS242, Oleg Lunin, SUNY-Albany, NY.

                          “Black-holes and fuzzballs”.

  1. 2013-4-2, 3:30pm, PHYS242, Arnab Kundu, Univ. of Texas, Austin, TX.

                           “Aspects of Thermalization and the AdS/CFT correspondence”.

  1. 2013-5-7, 3:30pm, PHYS242, Enrico Lunghi, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN.

                           “Trilepton Signatures of Light Charged and CP-odd Higgs bosons in Top quark decays”

  1. 2013-10-29 , 3:30pm, PHYS242,Kewang Jin, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL.

  2. 2013-11-5 , 3:30pm, PHYS242,

  3. 2013-11-12 , 3:30pm, PHYS242,Debajyoti Sarkar, City University of New York, NY.

  4. 2013-11-19, 3:30pm, PHYS242,

  5. 2013-11-26, 3:30pm, PHYS242, Andrej Ficnar, Columbia University, NY.

  6. 2013-12-3, 3:30pm, PHYS242, James Sully, SLAC, Stanford University, CA.

Seminars 2012

  1. 2012-11-6, 3:30pm, PHYS242, Kevin Lannon, Notre Dame Univ., IN.

                            “The search for the Higgs boson produced in association with a top quark pair”.

Seminars 2011

Seminars 2010

  1. 2010-2-16, 3:30pm, PHYS238, Schlomo Razamat, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY."."

  2. 2010-4-6, 3:30pm, PHYS252, Francesco Benini, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ.""

  3. 2010-4-13, 3:30pm, PHYS252, Amos Yarom, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ.""

  4. 2010-4-20, 3:30pm, PHYS252, Gil Paz, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL.""

  5. 2010-5-4,. 3:30pm, PHYS252, Mikhail Stephanov, University of Illinois at Chicago, IL.""

  6. 2009-9-14 , 3:30pm, PHYS242, Anastasios Taliotis, Ohio State University, Columbus ,OH. “Initial state eccentricity from evolving geometries”.

  7. 2009-9-21, 3:30pm, PHYS242, Astro.

  8. 2009-9-28, 3:30pm, PHYS242, Paul Hohler, Univ. of Illinois, Chicago, IL. “Towards a gravity dual of charmonium in the strongly coupled plasma”. [pdf]

  9. 2009-10-5, 3:30pm, PHYS242, Alex Buchel, Univ. of Western Ontario, London ON and Perimeter Institute, Waterloo, ON. “Dynamical critical phenomena in strongly coupled gauge theory plasma”. [pdf]

  10. 2009-10-12, 3:30pm, PHYS242, Diego Hoffman, Harvard University, Boston, MA."Oscillations in holographic no-Fermi liquids".

Seminars 2009

  1. 2009-2-24 (Tue), 3:30pm, PHYS242, Ian Ellwood, U. of Kentucky, Lexington, KY."Singular gauge transformations in string field theory". [pdf]

  2. 2009-3-10 (Tue), 3:30pm, PHYS242, Carlos Wagner, U. of Chicago, IL / Argonne National Lab.."Cosmology and the LHC". [pdf]

  3. 2009-3-17 (Tue), Spring Break.

  4. 2009-3-31 (Tue), 3:30pm, PHYS242, Heng-Yu Chen, U. of Wisconsin, Madison, WI."Updates in Warped Brane Inflation". [pdf]

  5. 2009-4-28 (Tue), 1:30pm, PHYS242, Diego Hofman, Princeton U., NJ."Conformal Collider Physics". [pdf]

  6. 2009-8-25 , 3:30pm,

  7. 2009-9-1 , 3:30pm, PHYS242, Carlos Schat, U. of Buenos Aires, Argentina / Ohio Universtiy, Athens, OH."Excited baryons in the 1/Nc expansion of QCD". [pdf]

  8. 2009-9-8 , 3:30pm, PHYS242, William Horowitz , Ohio State U., Columbus, OH."pQCD and AdS/CFT in Heavy Ion Collisions". [pptx]

  9. 2009-9-15 , 3:30pm, PHYS242, Luis Fernando Alday, IAS, Princeton , NJ."Minimal areas on AdS_3 and scattering amplitudes at strong coupling". [pdf]

  10. 2009-10-13, October Break.

  11. 2009-10-20, 3:30pm, PHYS242, Radovan Dermisek, Indiana Univ., Bloomington, IN."Many light Higgs bosons in MSSM-like models". [pdf]

  12. 2009-11-3, 3:30pm, PHYS238, Xerxes Tata., U. of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI/ Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison, WI."Supersymmetry, LHC and Dark Matter". [pdf]

  13. 2009-11-9, 1:45pm, (Notice special time and date) PHYS238, Arkady Tseytlin., Imperial College, London, UK."Quantum strings in AdS5xS5: strong-coupling corrections to dimension of Konishi operator ". [pdf]

  14. 2009-11-10, 3:30pm, PHYS238, Johannes Schmude, Swansea Univ., Swansea, Wales, UK."Flavor-branes in gauge/string duality and M-theory". [pdf]

  15. 2009-11-17, 3:30pm, PHYS238, Peter Ouyang, Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison, WI."Three Dimensional Duality Cascades and Superconformal Chern-Simons Theories". [pdf]

  16. 2009-12-8, 3:30pm, PHYS238, Lilia Anguelova, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH."Electroweak Symmetry Breaking from Gauge/Gravity Duality."

Seminars 2008

  1. 2008-03-25 (Tue), 2:30 pm, PHYS242, Philip Argyres, University of Cincinnati (OH),"Deformations of N=2 superconformal field theories". [pdf]

  2. 2008-04-1 (Tue), 2:30 pm, PHYS242, Rob Leigh, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC),"Entanglement Entropy in Chern-Simons Gauge Theory"". []

  3. 2008-04-18 (Fri), 1:30 pm, PHYS242, Sumit Das, University of Kentucky, "Cosmologial Singularities and Gauge-Gravity Duality". []

  4. 2008-10-3 (Fri), 1:30pm, PHYS242, Arkady Tseytlin, Imperial College, London, UK,"Aspects of Superstring Theory in AdS/CFT". [pdf]

  5. 2008-10-14 October Break.

  6. 2008-10-21 (Tue), 3:30pm, PHYS242, Richard Hill, U. of Chicago, IL."Some new implications of the anomalous baryon current in the Standard Model". [pdf]

  7. 2008-10-28 (Tue), 3:30pm, PHYS242, Arnab Kundu, USC, CA."External Fields and the Dynamics of Flavours in Holographic Duals of Large N Gauge Theories". [pdf]

  8. 2008-11-18 (Tue), 1:30pm, PHYS242, Mohammad Edalati, U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign."Open Wilson lines and chiral condensates in holographic QCD". [pdf]

  9. 2008-11-24 (Mon), 3:30pm, PHYS242, Benjamin Basso, Laboratoire de Physique Theorique, Orsay, France."Cusp anomalous dimension in N=4 Super-Yang-Mills theory at strong coupling". [pdf]

Seminars 2007

  1. 2007-02-27, Martin Kruczenski, Purdue University,"Spiky Strings and Giant Magnons on S5". [ppt], [pdf]

  2. 2007-03-27, Sean Nowling, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,"Fractional S-Branes Models for the Big Bang". [pdf]

  3. 2007-08-23 (Thu), 2:00pm, PHYS 298, Arkady Tseytlin, Imperial College, London, UK,"Quantum Superstring Corrections in AdS5 x S5". [pdf]

  4. 2007-10-3 (Wed), 3:30pm, PHYS242, Chris Quigg, Fermilab,"Extremely High-Energy Cosmic & Relic Neutrinos". [pdf]

  5. 2007-10-9 October Break.

  6. 2007-10-23 (Tue), 3:30pm, PHYS242, Rakhi Mahbubani, Fermilab,"The 6D Standard Model: A Tale of Spinless Adjoints". [pdf]

  7. 2007-11-6 (Tue), 1:00 pm, PHYS242, Sanghyeon Chang, Yonsei University (Seoul, S. Korea),"Introduction to unparticle". [pdf]

  8. 2007-11-9 (Fri), 2:00pm Special Colloquium PHYS 223 - Uday Sukhatme - Executive Vice Chancellor & Dean of the Faculties, IUPUI"Supersymmetry and Quantum Mechanics".

  9. 2007-11-13 (Tue), 2:30 pm, PHYS242, Sanghyeon Chang, Yonsei University (Seoul, S. Korea),"Flavor Physics from warped extra dimensions". [pdf] (long file, better to save it and then open it)

Seminars 2006

  1. 2006-10-11, Partha Mukhopadhyay, DAMTP, Cambridge, UK,"A universal sector of field/string configurations in pp-waves and D-branes". [ps]

  2. 2006-10-24, Sören Wiesenfeldt, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,"SO(10) Grand Unification in Six Dimensions". [pdf]

  3. 2006-11-10, Tristan McLoughlin, Penn State University,"Integrability in Yang-Mills and the String S-matrix". [pdf]

  4. 2006-11-14, Christopher Herzog, University of Washington,"Energy Loss of a Heavy Quark from AdS/CFT". [ppt], [pdf]

  5. 2006-12-05, Chi Xiong, Purdue University,"Higher Dimensional Supersymmetry N=1superspace". [pdf]

Information for Visitors

When visiting you will be most likely staying at the Union Club hotel which is located in the Purdue Memorial Union building.

The closest airport in Indianapolis, for international flights Chicago is usually more convenient. Midway airport at Chicago can also be useful.

Driving directions to the hotel can be found in their page or easily obtained from Google, from Indianapolis and Chicago. The hotel has parking, if you are not staying at the hotel we need to provide you with a parking permit when you arrive. The Physics Department is at walking distance from the Hotel, close to the corner of Northwestern Ave. and Stadium Ave. (see Google map or campus map, PHYS building). Check also the Physics Department visitors page.

For local information and more comprehensive travel information please see Purdue's visitors page.