Mirage Belly Dancers of Purdue University

The Mirage Bellydancers of Purdue University Home

The Mirage Bellydancers of Purdue University Home

Events in Near Future!!!!

First classes! South Tower / 6 pm

Join us for your very first belly dancing class!The best part is: It is totally FREE!!!

If you want to stay with us, then our dues are 25$ per semester.Hope to see you soon!

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Can't make it to classes but still interested? Check out our facebook page:


Mirage Social!!!

We have the whole Spring '14 semester planned !!!!!!!!!!! It will be so much fun with all those Mirage shows and socials :D Check the event page for details.

Interested in having Mirage at an event???

If you are interested in booking the Mirage Bellydancers for an event please refer to the "About" page and contact our PR representative!

Club Topics

Please check the blog often for additional club info such as T-shirts, class updates, meetings, socials, etc!!!!