Personal Finance

Personal Finance


Dr. Sugato Chakravarty

Welcome to CSR 342!

Recent world events have combined to give a new urgency to financial literacy in general and personal finance in particular. The sub-prime mortgage market collapsed and brought down with it the mortgage market as a whole. In short, it was a big mess! That said, it is what it is and we are stuck in a big mess, holding the bag and many trillions of dollars of national debt; and there is no end in sight.

No one really knows how long or how deep we will be in this financial morass and it is in our collective interest to know as much as possible about personal finance issues so we can make reasonably educated decisions and even know what questions to ask of a financial professional.

This class offers a comprehensive discussion of investments, consumer credit, insurance and retirement issues. The goal is to show how these components are interconnected in order to create a complete picture of financial health of an individual.


Sugato Chakravarty