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Welcome to my site at Purdue University

My primary areas of interest are: Gender (and its intersections with race, ethnicity, caste, and class), Social Movements and Transnational Movements, Global Politics, Development; Research Methods; South Asia (particularly India).


My current projects focus on


(a) institutional effectiveness as related to (i) HIV prevention and risk and (ii) To examine and understand institutional inter-play in storage and distribution of technologically improved seeds

(b) gender, violence and the law; violence in the public sphere

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"Intimate Partner Violence and HIV Prevention among Women Sex Workers in India."  CLA Community Engagement grant, 2015-16. $5,000. Collaborator -Swasti (India).

Public event in Banglore, India on December 28, 2015. Click here

Also see Purdue's India interest group page:




CLAs Center for Research on Diversity & Inclusion (CRDI) Excellence in Research Award:

Preethi Krishnan and Mangala Subramaniam. “Dowry, Domestic Violence and Gender: Legal interpretations by India’s Supreme Court.”




PI, Coping with Intimate Partner Violence: High Risk Groups and HIV Prevention in India. CLA Exploratory Research in the Social Sciences grant, 2016. $25,000.


Mellon Grand Challenge Exploratory Award, 2014

Title: Gender and Social Impacts of Institutional Arrangements for Improved Seed Technologies (PI, Subramaniam)

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PI, Intimate Partner Violence and HIV Prevention among Women Sex Workers in India.  CLA Community Engagement grant, 2015-16. $5,000. Collaborator -Swasti (India).

Co-PI (with Jean Beaman).  International Symposium - New Approaches to Citizenship and Inequality: Gender, Race, and Rights. Global Synergy Research Grant from the President’s Office, 2015-16, ($ 25,000)



Subramaniam, Mangala.  Social Movements: Local, National, and Transnational Contexts (provisional title). New York & Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Subramaniam, Mangala and Preethi Krishnan. “Stranded between the Law, Family, and Society: Women in Domestic Violence and Rulings of India’s Supreme Court.” Current Sociology forthcoming 2016

Perrucci, Robert, Mangala Subramaniam, and Carolyn C. Perrucci. “Who Publishes in Leading Sociology Journals, 1965-2010?”  Chapter in book titled, What to Expect and How to Respond: Distress and Success in Academia edited by Earl Wright II and Thomas Calhoun. MD: Rowman & Littlefield, forthcoming

Subramaniam, Mangala and Laura Zanotti. 2015. “Introductory Essay: Environmental Justice-Just Livelihoods.” Politics, Groups, Identities, 3(4): 649-654, DOI: 10.1080/21565503.2015.1112824 (Advance online November 25, 2015)

Leamaster, Reid J. and Mangala Subramaniam. “Career and/or Motherhood? Gender and the LDS Church.” Sociological Perspectives, DOI: 10.1177/0731121415603852 (Advance online October, 5, 2015)

Young Lisa J. and Mangala Subramaniam. “Ecocritical Consciousness Meets Oppositional Consciousness: Reading Early Chicago Activism through an Environmental Lens.” Sociological Focus, forthcoming

Williford, Beth and Mangala Subramaniam. 2015. “Transnational Field and Frames: Organizations in Ecuador and the US.” Research in Social Movements, Conflicts, and Change, 38:37-67

Krishnan, Preethi and Mangala Subramaniam. 2015. “Understanding the State: Right to Food Campaign in India.”  The Global South, 8(2):101-118

Krishnan, Preethi and Mangala Subramaniam. 2015. “Gender, Domestic Violence, and Patterns of Conviction: Analysis of India's Supreme Court Rulings.” Contemporary Perspectives in Family Research, 9:45-72

Subramaniam, Mangala. 2015. “Introduction: States and Social Movements in the Modern World-System.”  Special issue of JWSR (ASA’s PEWS section journal) 21(1): 1-7.

Announcing New Issue of Journal of World-Systems Research
We are happy to announce the publication of the Winter/Spring 2015 issue of the Journal of World-Systems Research<>, which is a special issue on States and Social Movements in the Modern World-System, guest edited by Mangala Subramaniam.


Adviser for publication by an undergraduate honors student

Lucas, Wynne R. 2014. “Transnational Framing of the 2012 Case of Rape in India.” (Research Snapshot) - Adviser: Mangala Subramaniam. The Journal of Purdue Undergraduate Research 4: 92 (Lucas is a sociology honors undergraduate).


Professional Service

2015-2018                   Treasurer-elect/Treasurer, Sociologists for Women in Society (elected)

2014                            National Science Foundation, panelist (2014)

2011-2014                   Secretary/Treasurer & Council Member, ASA’s Sex & Gender Section (elected)

2008 - 2009                 Member, Racial/Ethnic Minority Graduate Scholarship Committee, SSSP

2008 – 2010                Member, Nominations Committee, Sociologists for Women in Society (elected)

2006-2007                   Chair, Lee Scholar-Activist Support Fund, Society for the Study of Social Problems


Featured in

Spring 2014 issue of CLA Research Newsletter is now available through this link:



Christopher Bunka, PhD Student.  Interests: Globalization, Global Politics, State Power

Jenean Cox, PhD Student: Immigration, Gender, Race and Ethnicity; Immigration

Lori Lundell, PhD Student. Interests: Gender, Race, Class

Zachary Palmer, PhD Student. Interests: Gender, Masculinities, Inequalities, Religion

Elle Rochford, MS Student. Interests: Gender, Race, Class

Preethi Krishnan Ramaswamy, PhD Student. Interests: Gender, Social Movements, South Asia



Keynote on April 24, 2014  followed by two panels on April 25, 2014.

Flyer for Keynote Address: click here



Symposium titled ‘State and Social Movements: Violence, Health, Food Security’ at IIT, Madras in collaboration with the Humanities and Social Sciences Department, IIT, Madras.  Made possible by an 'Engaging India' grant from Purdue's Office of Engagement [PI: Mangala Subramaniam). March 13-14, 2013

The symposium is an initiative to promote research through a partnership between Purdue and institutions of higher education in India.  It was made possible by an 'Engaging India' grant from the Purdue's Office of Engagement and the support of IIT, Madras.  I put together the call for paper and the program. The two-day program comprised seven paper sessions and a set of three roundtables.  Collaborative workshops and research projects between Purdue and IIT, Madras are being discussed.

For pictures from the symposium Click Here

FOR CALL FOR PAPERS Click Here Submission is closed

FOR SYMPOSIUM PROGRAM Final Symposium Program.pdf



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