MTA (Minority Technology Association) started in 1985. Our motto for MTA is: "We Strive, We Struggle, We Achieve...Always!". The idea of MTA
is to bring minority students from the College of Technology together. Between Technology and Engineering, it is hard for technology students
to differentiate themselves and stand out. MTA presents scholarship
opportunities that minority students are applicable for. MTA also provides
the chance for students to meet with companies and establish the rapport
of what a technology student really is. Not only does MTA work with
students, but it is a chance for faculty to interact and help with job opportunities as well as other activities.
      MTA is a progressive organization established in 1985 with the
purpose of providing a direct resource for minority students within the
College of Technology at Purdue University. Building upon the foundation
implemented by the original nine members, MTA continues to be
dedicated to excellence in academic, personal, and professional growth.
Through effective leadership and sincere, everlasting commitment, MTA
has become, and will continue to be, one of the premiere student
organizations on the Purdue University campus in West Lafayette.

The Chill night has been moved to December 2.

Bowling and Pizza at the Union Rack and Roll
December 2 6-8 pm

Authentic Mexican Food at Toni's house Sunday at

Good luck finals week!

Have a wonderful holiday break!

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